fall reading list for kids

Fall Reading List for Kids

Fall is such a magical time of year, when the trees sing their final song and adventure waits around every corner. That’s why this month we’ve compiled a fall reading list for kids. Our list includes books that take children on a pumpkin hunt, help them get ready for Halloween and guide them on a hunt to unravel mysteries. Get the kids reading this season with our fall reading list for kids!



we're going on a pumpkin huntWe’re Going on a Pumpkin Hunt By Goldie Hawk Illustrated by Angie Rozelaar Little Brown, 2021, $14.99

Goldie Hawk adapts the popular folk ditty “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” for a Halloween adventure. Setting off to find a big pumpkin, three costumed tykes encounter cats, cobwebs and bats and must decide whether to go over, under, around or through them. When the three discover a little ghost, they turn and run back the way they came, passing by all the previous things – to find the perfect pumpkin on their doorstep, all ready for trick or treat. Tots will love singing and acting out this playful tale, along with the bright, stylized characters in Angie Rozelaar’s illustrations.


ages 3 – 8


dakota crumbDakota Crumb: Tiny Treasure Hunter By Jamie Michalak Illustrated by Kelly Murphy Candlewick, 2021, $17.99

In this delightful mystery, an intrepid mouse named Dakota ventures out at night to collect tiny treasures dropped by human visitors to a “great, big museum.” Young readers immediately wonder what she’s looking for and why, and they begin to search for clues in the detailed illustrations. The ending shows a long line of city creatures – pigeons, bugs, snails, other mice – waiting expectantly for the opening of Dakota’s own Mousehole Museum, with miniature galleries, café and gift shop, just like the big museum. In the final double-page spread, Dakota invites readers to revisit the book and search the illustrations carefully for other hidden objects.

a life electricA Life Electric: The Story of Nikola Tesla By Azadeh Westergaard Illustrated by Julia Sarda Penguin Random House, 2021, $17.99

As autumn nights lengthen, we can be grateful for electricity, which allows us to stay busy when nightfall used to signal an end to the day’s activities. This lyrical picture bookdepicts the life of the prolific, enigmatic inventor who gave us that gift: Nikola Tesla, who pioneered the AC induction motor to distribute electricity across great distances. Skillfully and succinctly, Azadeh Westergaard explains complex principles while also probing the gentle heart of a man who loved all living beings, especially the pigeons he fed and sheltered in New York City. Julia Sarda’s dynamic, whimsical art brilliantly conveys the spirit of this quirky genius.

ages 9 – 13


cold blooded myrtleCold-Blooded Myrtle By Elizabeth Bunce Algonquin, 2021, $17.95

This third mystery in the Myrtle Hardcastle series brings all the Victorian charm and flair of the first two as the smart, high-spirited protagonist unravels the who and why behind a series of murders in her hometown of Swinburne. Curious, witty and tenacious, Myrtle navigates an elegantly twisty plot to finally finger the villain – or does she? This compelling story will keep readers guessing till the very last page.

you are magic“You Are Magic” A Thought-Provoking Album for Kids & Families By Allison Faith Levy

“You Are Magic” is an upbeat collection of colorful, whimsical, retro-inspired pop songs designed to open a spiritual dialogue for young children and families. Highlights on “You Are Magic” include a title track that lays out empathy, connectedness and inspiration. “Turn Around” is based on seeing all sides and changing perspectives. “Now Is the Moment” reminds us to consciously stop, breathe, appreciate and reflect. Available on all digital platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

We hope you and your family enjoy our fall reading list for kids!


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