Give Family Camp a Try!

Imagine a vacation where everyone in your family can have fun, find something to do and spend more time outdoors. Now, add some s’mores and let someone else cook. That’s what you can discover with family camp.

Escaping the daily routine to a beautiful place with fun activities is what summer camp is all about. While kids are often the ones to enjoy summer camp, it can be a great way for the whole family to get away, connect, and have fun together.

One of the most fun things you can do with your child is to be a kid again. At family camp, you can play and have fun together doing all the same things kids get to do during summer camp.

What Is Family Camp?

Family camp is summer camp made for the whole family. Instead of kids going off to camp on their own, families travel together, often staying in their own cabins or lodging. They enjoy a camp setting, complete with things like arts and crafts, archery, swimming, games and food. By going to a family camp, the whole family can focus on fun and being together instead of worrying about vacation details.

Is the Family Together the Whole Time at Family Camp?

That depends on the camp. Some camps are all about family time, where the camp simply provides the space, activities and food for your family to enjoy together. Other camps, however, take a different approach by offering age-specific activities at certain times of the day.

For example, there may be a variety of children’s programming every afternoon, allowing parents time to relax. Other camps may offer adult-specific activities during these times like advanced hikes, classes or even happy hour.

What Are Some Great Family Camps to Consider?

  • Club Getaway (Kent, Connecticut) offers weekend and midweek family camp options that are full of adventure. With zip lines, waterskiing and fitness classes, the whole family can have fun as they stay in rustic cabins.
  • Cheley Colorado Camps (Estes Park, Colorado) has all the fun of western mountain life for the family to explore. Horseback riding and campfires are on the daily itinerary, and your family is sure to remember sleeping in a covered wagon.
  • Tyler Place Family Resort (Highgate Springs, Vermont) is a great place for the family to get outside and enjoy a lake vacation. There are fun activities for the whole family ranging from camp classics like color wars and canoeing to mini-golf and bikes for everyone.
  • Peaks ‘n Swells (Costa Rica) gets the whole family out of the country and onto the waves. This surf camp features beachfront villas, surf instruction, daily yoga, professional photos and even massage for the parents.

Start by checking out these fun possibilities. Then do an internet search for Family Camp or reach out to your travel agent. You’re sure to find something perfect for your whole family.

Why Should My Family Go to Family Camp?

The best reason to go to family camp is to have fun together! There are plenty of perks like the ease of an all-inclusive vacation, a trip with something for everyone and a way to get everyone outside and off their screens. However, the part that is the most fun is giving everyone a chance to be a kid again. Once your kids see you play tug-of-war, shoot a bow and arrow or spend an afternoon making friendship bracelets, they will know how fun and special time together can be.


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