Summer Magic in books

Summer Magic in Books

Keep the Summer Magic alive with these summer themed reads. Mary Quattlebaum brings you a list of summer favorites for kids aged 0 – 12.


summer magicGlow By Ruth Forman Illustrated by Geneva Bowers Little Simon, 2021, $8.99

This lyrical board book captures an evening of summer magic when play is done and two young boys head home while “fireflies flicker float.” As stars brighten the night sky, one soaks in a warm bath, reflects happily on his own “smooth brown glow skin” and then climbs into his cozy bed. This rhythmical lullaby will soothe many a tot into restful sleep.


ages 3 – 7

summer magic in booksThe Lost Package By Richard Ho Illustrated by Jessica Lanan Roaring Brook Press, 2021, $18.99

A box goes on an adventure but still ends up where it was meant to be, thanks to the kindly intervention of a boy and his mom and basset hound. From the first page, the story sets up a two-pronged mystery: what is in the box and will it reach its destination? Jessica Lanan’s shimmering watercolors convey the beauty of the ordinary world – the sheen of a wet sidewalk, the glare of the desert sun, the distant rise of the Golden Gate Bridge – as the boy and his mother drive their moving van from New York City to their new home in San Francisco – and deliver the box to its rightful owner, who becomes a new friend. This touching paean to the United States Postal Service reminds us of all the mail we regularly receive, even during times of crisis, like the global pandemic.

ages 8 – 12

summer magicBeneath the Waves Edited by Stephanie Warren Drimmer National Geographic Kids, 2021, $24.99

Going to the beach this summer? This compilation of poems, stories and fascinating facts about the ocean is the perfect companion for the whole family. Little ones will enjoy listening to the poems and gazing at the stunning photographs of pufferfish, sea turtles, squids and whales. Older kids will revel in informative write-ups about polar bears, bottlenose dolphins and jellyfish, which have lived in the earth’s seas for more than 500 million years.

summer magic in booksSisters of the Neversea By Cynthia Leitich Smith Heartdrum/HarperCollins, 2021, $16.99

Acclaimed author Cynthia Leitich Smith (Muskogee Creek Nation) explores the popular tale of Peter Pan from the perspectives of Lily, who is Native American, and Wendy, her English stepsister and best friend. Youngsters familiar with the classic from its print, play or movie versions will be fascinated to see how Smith revisits and upends Neverland in this new, thought-provoking adventure.

Summer Magic isn’t limited to the beach or the pool. Summer Magic can be found in poetry, stories and music!

summer magicCrayon Kids Album

By Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band

Latin Grammy- and Emmy-Award-winners Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band have released a new album called “Crayon Kids.” For more than a decade, their songs and performances have celebrated diversity and inclusion, blending cultures seamlessly through song. The first track, “Generation C,” reflects the challenging experiences of young families during the past year. The song “Sábado” is a bilingual ode to the weekend and a great way to kick off a family dance party –  this ska-beat tune is already an international radio hit! Available wherever music is streamed or sold.


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