Parent's Favorite Games

Parent’s Favorite Games for Family Game Night

It’s family game night – what games does your family play? Each month we ask our reader’s a parenting question. Here are last month’s answers and a list of Parent’s Favorite Games to play for family game night.

Rummikub, Apples to Apples, Scattergories and SET – Francine S.

Codenames – Jackie D.

We love to play the card game Golf – Allie H.

When I gather with my parents, we always play Mahjong and Dominoes – Chris H.

Just like when I was a kid, we still play Monopoly, [The Game of] Life and Yahtzee – Lisa D.

My kids and I play Boggle. I love teaching them new words – Fran H.

We often Play BANANAGRAMS – the anagram game that drives you bananas – Kim S.

When I was a teen, I played Scrabble, now my children and I play UPWORDS – Kelli H.

Our teens and us like to play MURDER ̀a la carte. It’s a lot of fun to solve murder mysteries – David F.

Believe it or not – we still play Trivial Pursuit – Leslie A.

My boys and I like to play 5 Second Rule – Lois S.

I played Battleship with my daughter last week. I hadn’t played it in decades – Vickie E.

Are there any games that you’d add to this list of Parent’s Favorite Games?

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