Parents Thoughts on Payment Apps

Parents’ Thoughts on Payment Apps

Last month we asked parents about their thoughts on payment apps: “Do you use payment apps? Have you ever had an issue with using a payment app?” for our monthly Parent Input question. Here are some of the insightful answers you shared – with the overall consensus being incredibly positive for payment apps!

I use payment apps for personal training for my sons. I personally HATE them but do find them convenient. – Alexis A-S.

PayPal fees are annoying. Venmo has changed how easy it is to access funds but they Venmo ok and at least free. – Angela O.

I use PayPal often. No issues experienced. – Shonya C.

I use all of them and love the convenience. I never have cash. I have had issues with Venmo when someone gave me the wrong username. – Alexandra R.

I have a son living out of the country and I like using Remitly for sending money internationally. – Lilly H.

I use payment apps. I like Zelle over Venmo. I also like PayPal because they don’t charge me anything. I know they do charge a fee to pay business/contractor invoices. – Tina H.

My sisters and I always use Venmo to transfer money to each other. We have never had any issues. – Christine F.

I do use my Cash App to buy and sell stocks. – Richard D.

I use a few, never had any issues. I’m a frequent user of Marketplace. I use Cash App to pay any business locally that accepts it to avoid their % fee for CC (Credit Card). – Tracy B.

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