hiking trails near d.c.

Hiking Trails Near D.C.

Celebrate the wonders of nature and enjoy quality family time by taking advantage of National Trails. It’s a fantastic opportunity to venture outdoors and discover the scenic hiking trails located near D.C. Take in the invigorating air, engage in conversations about wildlife, snap memorable photos, observe fascinating insects, and take a break from electronic devices. Below, you’ll find a compilation of nearby parks and hiking trails in the D.C. area.

District of Columbia



Hiking Tips

This list of hiking trails near D.C. lean towards the beginner level but includes hikes of all levels of difficulty. Whenever hiking, but especially with kids, know your limits and take your time. A few tips for hiking with kids:

  • Be sure to check out the website before choosing a hike, there may be pertinent info you need to know
  • Choose short, easy trails to start kids off
  • Find a trail that matches the needs of the least experienced hiker in your party
  • Bring plenty of water
  • Bring snacks (granola bars, nuts and fruit are all great trail food)
  • Dress appropriately, with comfortable and durable footwear (don’t wear brand new boots on a long hike!)
  • Bring sunscreen, hats and bug spray
  • Make sure trails are dog-friendly before bringing along your furry friend

Some things to consider when choosing the trail you’re going to hike are:

  • Trail length
  • Incline
  • The age, ability and comfort of your party
  • The temperature on that day, and what it will be like in 3 hours
  • Elevation


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