fall reads for the family

Great Fall Reads for the Family

It’s the season for family, gratitude and reminiscing. Enjoy the giving season with song, poetry and science in your books. Check out our list of great fall reads for the family!



By Jamie Swenson Illustrated by Scott Magoon Paula Wiseman Books, 2021, $17.99

Chipmunk lives on a rock and expresses her emotions through song. Though she appreciates Rock’s quiet listening, she often wishes she could sing with a friend. So, off she goes to find a tuneful buddy. She meets a pinecone, log, raccoon and moose. In teaming up with the latter two to solve a problem, she eventually increases both her audience and number of singing friends. This playful tale explores connecting with others around a shared interest – and the delight in the friendships that form.


ages 3 – 6


By Elaine Vickers Illustrated by Samantha Cotterill Simon & Schuster, 2021, $17.99

In this tender, lyrical picture book, a little girl and her mixed-race family voice gratitude for their many small joys – a comforting, wiggly dog; a safe, warm home and snow that softens the world. The girl inscribes each thing on a colored strip of paper and links them all into “thankful chains.” This story prompts us to be mindful of all that we might take for granted. Perhaps your family may even choose to add thankful chains to their usual Thanksgiving traditions.

Change Singschange sings

By Amanda Gorman Illustrated by Loren Long Viking, 2021, $18.99

Amanda Gorman follows her riveting poem at President Biden’s inauguration in January with this celebration of hope and change. As the rhyming text evolves, a girl with a guitar joins other kids in her neighborhood to clean up litter, build a wheelchair-accessible ramp and create a band that inspires others, through music and action, to transform the world by being the change they want to see. The rhythmical, uplifting text and stunning art show how even young kids can make a difference and emphasizes the importance of small deeds over loud rhetoric.

ages 7 – 10

dr fauciDr. Fauci: How a Boy from Brooklyn Became America’s Doctor

By Kate Messner Illustrated by Alexandra Bye Simon & Schuster, 2021, $17.99

This fascinating picture book biography traces Dr. Anthony Fauci’s life from his Brooklyn childhood to medical school to his role as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Fauci has worked under seven presidents to guide the country through several major health crises, including AIDS and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through personal interviews with Fauci, acclaimed author Kate Messner was able to glean details that bring Fauci alive on the page. As a boy, his family encouraged his curiosity, urging him to keep an open mind and persevere when he encountered setbacks with homework. Playing high school basketball, he focused on what he could control and improve (developing speed and skill) rather than on what he couldn’t (his lack of height) – and was elected captain by his teammates. His values and positive approach certainly served him well this past year as he and his team worked ceaselessly to develop a vaccine and to keep the public informed and as safe as possible. Thanks, Dr. Fauci!

drop the puckYoung Readers Learn About Friendship, Inclusion and Teamwork in New Hockey-Themed Series

By Jayne J. Jones Beehler www.officialadventures.org

Based on true stories, the “Drop the Puck” series celebrates sports-loving children of all types and abilities, as readers follow the story of a group of kids in fictional Hockeytown, USA, who bond and grow together. The series was created by author Jayne J. Jones Beehler with the goal of acclimating young hockey fans to those players – and fans – with disabilities. “Hockey Every Day, Every Way” introduces readers to Lila and Makenna. Like any kid, Lila’s afraid she won’t fit in. But, before long, she finds out that her fellow hockey players will make her feel welcome and accepted.

We hope you enjoy these fall reads for the family!


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