6 Savvy Teen Gift Ideas

6 Savvy Teen Gift Ideas

    1. A Gift For The Teen Who Loves Self-Care:

Birthday Candle

A hand-poured candle custom to your teen’s birth date. This is a go-to gift for any teen who enjoys relaxing or lighting a candle while studying or who likes astrology.

Why It’s IN → A custom candle makes every teen feel special and unique, plus a candle is a wonderful way to create a relaxing atmosphere.

    2. A Gift For The Teen Who Loves Sports: Sports Game +

Favorite Player Jersey

Tickets to go see your teen’s favorite sport game, while wearing a jersey of their favorite player. Spend some quality time with your teen while cheering on their favorite team for great bonding. Gift your teen a team jersey to add to the experience, and show your team spirit!

Why It’s IN → Going to a live sports game is an exhilarating experience, and a best-bet for sports lovers.

    3. A Gift For The Teen Who Loves Art:

175 Piece Art Set

Oil pastels, watercolor pencils, acrylic paints, crayons, brushes, watercolor cakes, a sandpaper block and more – all in this 175 piece art set. The box itself comes in seven different color options, and is an excellent gift for teens who enjoy a variety of arts media.

Why It’s IN → Teens love unleashing their creativity, and this art set allows for experimentation in different art forms, as well as taking downtime in an artistic way.

    4. A Gift For Teen and Parent Connection: Mission:

Small Bits of Happiness Game

This game is designed by teens for individuals of all ages, and it features 100 unique, simple and fun activities designed to make you feel happier every day. Play this game together as a family or one-on-one with your teen. Build happiness habits, learn what makes you both feel happier and connect with one another.

Why It’s IN → Everyone can use a bit more happiness and wellness. Plus, you’re connecting with your teen in a fun, meaningful way and building happiness habits together.

    5. Gift For The Teen Who Loves To Read:

A Curse For True Love

If your teen is a fan of New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Garber or the Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy, this novel is a must-read. In this final book of the Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy, the main character believes that she’s found her happily-ever-after, but this is far from the truth.

Why It’s IN → A Curse For True Love is one of Barnes & Noble’s Best Books of 2023, and is the final book in the #1 New York Times bestselling Once Upon A Broken Heart trilogy.

    6. Gift For The Teen Who Is Curious:

Masterclass online

Hours of unique, inspiring and digital content, brought to you by countless iconic athletes, authors, entrepreneurs and celebrities. A MasterClass subscription is fitting for teens with varying interests, who want to learn more about an area of passion or discover something new.

Some of the tempting topics include:

  • Cooking with Gordon Ramsey
  • Songwriting and Producing with Alicia Keys
  • Personal Branding with Kris Jenner
  • Shooting, Ball-Handling and Scoring with Stephen Curry
  • Writing with Judy Blume

Why It’s IN → Teens are eager to learn more about themselves, and this is an outstanding and inspiring program for them to continue to drive curiosity.


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