Halloween witch
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5 Creepy Halloween Recipes

Halloween is the perfect time to create some fun dishes. Let kids play with their food for a change! Some of my best Halloween memories involve the fun foods my grandmother used to make as part of our celebration. My daughter now looks forward to it each year. Here are some of our favorite creations.

  1. Spiders Cut hot dogs into thirds. Poke four dry spaghetti noodles through each chunk, horizontally. Boil the hot dogs. The spaghetti becomes spider legs and the hot dogs are the body when cooked. I made a batch of these with cocktail sausages and barbecue dipping sauce for adults.
  2. Severed Fingers Shape refrigerated bread sticks, crescent rolls or biscuits into long, finger-shaped pieces. Stick an almond onto the end of each “finger” as the fingernail. I’ve also used Bugle or Fritos chips as the nails. Bake and serve with marinara “blood” sauce for dipping.
  3. Macaroni and Sleaze Prepare your favorite macaroni and cheese. Stir in pesto to turn it green. I like to throw some goldfish shaped crackers on top for texture and to add to the toxic appearance.
  4. Eyeballs in Congealed Blood Peel green grapes. Prepare your child’s favorite red Jell-O. Toss the grapes in before chilling. We brought this to my daughter’s class Halloween party last year. Her pals are still talking about this gruesome dessert.
  5. Witches Brew Start with a big pot. The creepier looking the pot, the better. I use a big soup pot. Add several different kinds of soda or juice. The goal is to get an unappetizing color. Serve out of a big ladle. I freeze a plastic glove filled with water. Once frozen, I remove the glove and then plop the hand-shaped ice into the “brew” to keep it chilled.

Fun Halloween food doesn’t take a whole lot of time or special ingredients. Your enthusiasm is what will make it special for your kids.