Party ‘Til the Cows Come Home – A Farm Party Plan Lima

Party ‘Til the Cows Come Home

Every kid gets excited by the thought of visiting a farm, whether they are petting the animals, picking a pumpkin from the field or taking a ride on a tractor. With hundreds of children’s books and early toys dedicated to educating children about farms, it is no wonder that a farm-themed birthday party is one of the classics.

Check out these fun ideas for celebrating your little farmer this year.


  • Pigs in a Blanket – Wrap mini hot dogs in refrigerated crescent rolls and bake per instructions on the package. Offer classic dippers like ketchup and mustard.
  • Wagon Wheel Mac and Cheese – Make your own with wheel-shaped pasta or buy a boxed version for an easy lunch.
  • Corn on the Cob – Grilled or boiled corn can be snapped in half for little eaters. Dip in butter and serve with corn skewers inserted in each end for easy handling.
  • Breakfast – Farm fresh eggs, bacon, pancakes and fruit are other options for your little farmer feast.
  • Dessert – Rice Krispie treats cut to look like hay bales are a simple alternative to cupcakes and go great with a box of chocolate milk.

party games


  • Herd the Sheep – Purchase white balloons and draw a sheep face on one side. You will also need a fly swatter for each player. Have the kids race to get the sheep from Point A to Point B by moving them with only the fly swatter.
  • Pick a Duck – Mark the bottom of plastic ducks with numbers, letters or colors and have the players look for pairs. This is cute if set up in a kiddie pool or works well on the grass or even a table. Give a prize for each match.
  • Build a Tractor – Like the Cootie game, players roll dice to get all the parts of the tractor before they can put it together. Find a tractor coloring page online. Print out and cut into six parts – body, windows, two tires, exhaust and steering wheel. Assign each part a number and as each player rolls that number, they get a part of the tractor.
  • Egg Hunt – A classic egg hunt is always easy with plastic-colored eggs hidden around the party space. You can assign the kids a specific color and add pieces of a farm puzzle for them to put together when they have found all the eggs. Or, simply fill the eggs with candy and assign the kids a specific number of eggs to find.



  • Farm Animal Birthday Crowns – Find printable crowns online on Etsy or Amazon. Let the kids decorate with crayons or markers. Using different animal crowns is a great way to separate the kids into teams for the egg hunt or herding game.
  • Plant Seeds – Purchase small clay or plastic pots that the kids can personalize. Assist the kids to fill the dirt, adding their seeds and watering their crops. You can also include inexpensive garden markers for the kids to identify their crops as they grow.
  • Paint a Piggy Bank – Ceramic piggy banks are available for purchase in bulk at craft stores or online. Kids can decorate with paint or markers or any other type of bling. Include a few pennies for each bank to get the kids started.
  • Farm Animal Sock Puppets – Purchase colored socks for each animal – pink for pigs, red for hens, etc. Cut a piece of cardboard in a long oval and fold in half. This will form the animal’s mouth when inserted into the sock with the rounded end pushed into the toe. Adjust the material so it moves up and down with the cardboard. Complete the puppets by gluing felt, yarn or google eyes.
  • Goody Bags – Fill a cone-shaped plastic bag with orange snacks (Reese’s Pieces, Cheetos, Goldfish crackers, etc.) to resemble a carrot and tie it with a green ribbon to close. Other options to include in the goody bags are farm-themed stickers, mini books, plastic or plush farm animals or seed packets. Oriental Trading has a large selection of farm toys and accessories like sunglasses or bubbles. If you don’t choose to have the kids paint the piggy bank craft, you can include that for continued fun (and the mess) at their house.


Many local farms offer to host parties and will give kids a real farm experience that can range from visiting barnyard animals and learning about them to petting and taking care of them. Some may even provide food and party gear, or others will let you bring your own. Either way, it’ll be an exciting experience for the kiddos!


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