Birthday Party Location Ideas

25 Amazing Birthday Party Location Ideas

Your child’s next birthday is fast approaching and you’re wondering where to hold the party. Perhaps the thought of having it at home makes you break out in a cold sweat. Maybe it is simply not an option.

As the mother of two kids, now a teen and tween, I’ve spent over a decade attending or hosting birthday parties at over two dozen spots. There truly is a place for everyone and every budget. So check out this list of 25 amazing birthday party location ideas and get ready to celebrate!

  • Take your group to a local sporting event, such as a minor league baseball game.
  • Visit a zoo or petting zoo.
  • Go to a swimming pool, water park or splash pad.
  • Try the local park where you can rent a pavilion as home base while the kids run around.
  • Think about special events in your town. Piggyback your party on an outdoor summer concert or a viewing of the holiday parade.
  • Go to the movies.
  • Take a walk or hike at a nature center or botanical garden, where you can learn about the outdoors and celebrate with a picnic.
  • Have a party at the fire station. Our local fire station offers short tours for kids, lets them climb on the trucks and passes out free firefighter hats. Be prepared that the party could be cut short in the event of an actual fire!
  • Visit an orchard in the summer for fruit picking or pick pumpkins at a pumpkin patch in the fall.
  • Most children’s museums welcome birthday parties.
  • Craft stores such as JOANN Fabrics or Michaels let kids pick a craft and include supplies and a guide to instruct kids in making the craft.
  • How about a Build-A-Bear Workshop?
  • Visit a laser tag venue.
  • Go to the bowling alley. In our town, the bowling alley offers an affordable package that includes two games of bowling, shoe rental, pizza and a drink. Just show up with a cake or sweet treat for the end.
  • Scale the highest heights at an indoor rock climbing center.
  • Celebrate at a mini-golf venue.
  • Try a martial arts studio, where kids can play games and learn age-appropriate skills.
  • Go roller skating at a roller rink.
  • Jump over to a trampoline park.
  • What about the Humane Society or a cat cafe? When my daughter turned 10, she took five friends to our local cat cafe. We paid an hourly fee to visit and play with adoptable cats, then came home to celebrate with dessert. Don’t forget to check for allergies first!
  • Have the party at a bounce house or inflatables venue.
  • Gymnastics clubs and gyms let you rent their space so kids can run, jump and play to their heart’s content.
  • Try an ice skating party. Many ice rinks offer party rooms and packages that include skate rentals and public skating for every child. (In my experience, this party idea is suited for older kids who can already skate or have fun trying.)
  • Book a group session at a paint-n-take studio.
  • Celebrate at any indoor play place, such as those found at play cafes or fast food restaurants.

Finally, perhaps you are able to have a party at home but are just too worried that your house isn’t big enough or exciting enough. In my experience, some of the best (and cheapest) birthday parties I ever hosted were in our home. The home parties were well-received by kids and parents alike. So consider these great options when thinking about where to hold your child’s next birthday party. Any of these 25 amazing birthday party location ideas are sure to please!

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