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How Do You Set Kids Up For The New School Year?

We asked and you delivered! Here are your responses to August’s Parent Input question: What is something you do to help your kids get off on the right foot at the start of a new school year? 

Set dedicated family time, and we have started reorganizing our study spaces. We will also put together in writing our thoughts, goals and expectations for the year. I have also agreed to a “Yes Day.” Payable 2021! Have a safe, healthy, prosperous school year everyone! – Jamika H.

We go [through] the whole year’s curriculum during summer. – Heidi S.

Morning checklists on the bathroom mirror and bedtime check lists by the bed. The morning checklist includes: shower, deodorant, brush teeth, floss, clothes. The nighttime checklist includes: pjs, teeth, talk about something great, books, bed. Instead of reminding them to do everything I just ask if “the checklist” was done. We also do quick breathing exercises at night, too. – Karyn R.

About 2 weeks before school begins, we move bedtime and wake-up time to an earlier hour. – Samanth N.

I have my teenager help to create rules about cell phone usage. – Shelly C. 

We set up a study space ahead of time. I make sure it is organized and clutter-free. – Debbie D.

My kids read every day to get ready for school and beat the summer slide. – Amanda M.

So many great ways to get kids ready for the new school year!

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