Host an INCREDIBLE Birthday Party

With the Incredibles return to the big screen, Netflix and DVD, a new generation of kids have the opportunity to fall in love with the Parr family and their super friends. From the moment kids hear the Incredibles theme song, they are hooked. They want to be an Incredible, too! If that sounds like your child, why not throw them an Incredible-themed birthday party this year? Have no fear, Mom and Dad! We have some ideas to get you started!


  1. Trance Tic Tac Toe – Purchase two pairs of swim goggles and blacken the lenses so the players cannot see out. In this game, Screen Slaver will control a tic tac toe game. Players are both fitted with goggles and use two different colored cotton balls to fill in a tic tac toe game (similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey). Since the players are hypnotized by Screen Slaver, he will tell players where to put the cotton balls.
  2. Race Like Dash in Mr. Incredible’s Shoes – Hot glue inexpensive flip flops into the middle of large shoeboxes. Players slip on the shoes and race to the end of the course and back like a relay race. You can add ropes on the sides of the shoeboxes for players to hold to help them from stepping out of his big shoes.
  3. Frozone Finds – This game can be played two ways. For the first version, freeze small items (to fill your goody bag) in ice cubes. Similar to hot potato, let the kids pass around the ice cubes in warm water cups to try to melt the ice and reveal the prize. The other way is to fill a small pool or bucket with ice and plastic toys and let the kids fish them out with their hands or feet.
  4. What would E Do? – Pull out the dress-up clothes, hats, masks and any other super-clothes you have around the house. You can also add craft supplies like papers, ribbons and other bling. Break up the kids into teams and let them create the best new superhero costume they can come up with. Don’t forget to give your new super a name!
  5. Find Jack-Jack’s Cookies – Make Jack-Jack’s cookies by adding chocolate chips with markers on white mini Frisbees or bottle caps. Hide them around the room or yard and send the kids out to find them. Add numbers to the backs of each cookie for prizes to add to their goody bags.


  1. Make your own Incredimobile – Cardboard cars are a forgotten art. Buy a 12 x 12 x 18 cardboard box for each party guest. Supply colored paper, fabric or felt to create their own Incredimobile. Use paper plates to make tires. Add ropes strung through the cardboard to wear the car on their shoulders so they can “drive” around the room.
  2. Elastigirl in a Jar – For this craft you will need a 6oz. red Elmer’s glitter glue, ¾ teaspoon of baking soda and 1 tablespoon of contact solution. Pour entire contents of glue into mixing bowl. Mix in the baking soda and then add the contact solution. Mix as well as possible with a spoon and then pick up with hands to finish mixing. It will be very sticky at first and the more you work with it, the less sticky it becomes. Fits nicely into a 5.5 oz. snack cup.
  3. Violet’s Disappearing Ink – Mix an equal portion of water to baking soda. Let kids trace a free printable of the Incredibles logo, going over the lines of the picture with a cotton swab. Let dry. Using a solution of lemon juice and red food coloring, let the kids paint over the “invisible ink” to reveal the logo. You can prepare a birthday message ahead of time so the kids can see how it works before they make their own.

What to serve?

Breakfast is always a kid crowd pleaser and can be served at any time of the day. Create a breakfast bar with Incredible scrambled eggs, red velvet waffles, black berries and a variety of red fruit. Make a simple orange juice punch with equal parts of orange juice, white grape juice and 7-Up.

Dessert: Set up an ice cream bar with vanilla ice cream. Offer toppings that complement the Incredibles logo – cherries, raspberries, strawberry syrup, colored sprinkles, bananas, pineapples, peaches, mangos, butterscotch topping, Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chips and chocolate syrup.