gift's for mother's day

Gifts for Mother’s Day

Can you believe Mother’s Day is around the corner already? Check out our list of favorite gift’s for mother’s day 2022.

gift's for mother's dayThe Cloud Robe

Buttery soft and a great addition for mom’s lounge wardrobe. Lightweight, airy and stylish. $118;



gift's for mother's dayMilkmakers Rest + Rise Pregnancy Wellness Balms

With shea butter and jojoba oil, these soothing balms are infused with therapeutic essential oils that relax and awaken the senses. Dab them on wrists, temples and pulse points for an instant dose of pre- or post-natal self-care. $20;



gift's for mother's dayMommy Goes to Work

A sweet book with bright and imaginative illustrations celebrating working moms. This playful story sparks imaginations, calms separation anxiety and eases mommy guilt. $19.99;

gift's for mother's dayThe Moodies

Moms can share cuddles and big feelings with their kids with these adorable storybooks. These social-emotional learning books are crafted by childhood development experts to promote positive self-expression. $29;




gift's for mother's dayBamboo Seamless No Rub Thigh Saver

Made from premium bamboo fabric – ultra-soft, lightweight and breathable. With a seamless, smooth design and built-in gusset, these also work well as an undergarment for skirts and dresses. Choose the Maternity cut (with an over-the-bump panel and gentle support for your growing bump) or the Postpartum cut (which sits at your natural waist). $19.99;


gift's for mother's dayWillow Go

Designed for multitasking, allowing moms to break free from the wall and quietly and discreetly pump hands-free with no cords, tubes or dangling bottles. In-bra wearable pump offers up to 14 ounces of capacity with hospital-strength suction. $329 (or less with certain insurance plans);



gift's for mother's dayLeapFrog LF925HD Remote Access Smart Video Baby Monitor

Give moms a hassle-free way to watch over little ones. Features vertical tilt angle, side-to-side 360-degree horizontal pan capability, Color Night Vision technology, soothing sounds and calming melodies. $159.95;



gift's for mother's dayHOFISH Women’s Maternity Leggings

Designed for comfort of moms. The high waist design can lift the buttocks to protect the waist. Stretchy and comfortable for all-day wear. $21.99;





gift's for mother's dayYou Are Magic

Moms and kids will love singing along with this upbeat album exploring the silly and sensitive sides of childhood. An anthem about the power of imagination. $10;




gift's for mother's dayQeepsake

Makes it effortless for Mom to capture life’s journey. The mobile app sends members daily texts, prompting them to text back a favorite story, moment or milestone with a photo. It securely builds these texts and photos into a digital journal that can be shared with family and printed into a book. $95.88;



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