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Fun Family Valentine’s Day Ideas

Sometimes Valentine’s Day can feel like another excuse for corporations to sell us corny cards and pricey chocolates to give to our loved ones. But we can just as easily celebrate the love we have for our partners and children at home and with the whole family. Check out these five fun family Valentine’s Day ideas to spread even more joy in your home this February.

Game Night

Game Night

Everyone loves a good game! Blow the dust off of your 10-year-old copy of Monopoly or pick up a classic like Settlers of Catan and plan a good old-fashioned family game night. It’s easy to show your love for your family when everyone can join in a group game around the table. Take it a step forward and have everyone commit to unplugging from technology for the evening.

Explore the Outdoors

Explore the Outdoors

Rain, snow or shine, it’s always a good time to take a stroll through Mother Nature’s backyard. Research a local hiking or fishing spot, plan a day trip to go skiing or just walk about a local park. As long as you’re doing it together, it’s sure to be a fun family Valentine’s Day.


Movie Night

Movie night

Movies are one of those activities that all families love doing together. For this fun family Valentine’s Day idea, consider renting a new release online and turn your living room into a private cinema. Popcorn, sweets and comfy blankets are all you need for your family to be transported away on Valentine’s Day.





Cards & Crafts

Valentines day Craft

A dozen sheets of paper, markers and a few sweet platitudes are all you need for this fun family Valentine’s Day idea. You and the family can make your own Valentine’s Day cards to give to each other, close friends or to extended members of your family. Help your kids find kind and loving words to write in their cards. Bonus points for glitter!

Group Cooking

Valentines day Cooking

They say food is the quickest way to a person’s heart, so why not get the whole family involved in cooking up a delicious meal. You could plan a fancy dinner night in, a sweet and savory brunch with all the classic fixings or bake heart-shaped goodies until you’re all sugared out. Family cooking is more than just eating, it’s about bonding and having fun on Valentine’s Day.







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