educational websites for kids

Five Educational Websites for Kids

It seems that every kid these days has access to the internet, and while it is a phenomenal resource, not all that glitters is gold. So if your child is going to be spending time on their computer, tablet or phone surfing the web, make their time count by directing them to one of these five educational websites for kids. From fun and games to learning and development, these kid-friendly websites are sure to engage, excite and educate your tech-savvy child.

educational websites for kids
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America’s beloved media brand offers one of the best entertaining and educational websites for kids. If your child already watches PBS’ popular television shows, they can continue the fun by interacting with their favorite characters and worlds online. Our favorite features include videos supported for English or Spanish and a large library of printables for your child to work on. Free | Ages 2-8 |

educational websites for kidsNational Geographic Kids

Who said learning online can’t be fun? National Geographic Kids is a free educational website provided by the National Geographic Society, a global nonprofit that fights to protect our natural world. They use games, science activities, quizzes, videos and more to educate kids about geography, history and science. Your child can learn about all 50 state capitals or what penguins eat in Antarctica, all from the comfort of their computer chair! Free | Ages 5-13 |


educational websites for kidsFreckle

Another fantastic and free educational website for kids is Freckle. It’s especially suited for younger kids and draws on a love for gaming to teach a range of different subjects, including English, math, social studies and science. Some school systems may already be using Freckle in the classroom to support their curriculum. Free | Ages k-12 |


educational websites for kids
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Perhaps your child is less into gaming and more into consuming every possible word lying around the house? Then ReadingIQ is the educational website for them! They have over 7,000 books for kids to read, including titles by Disney, Highlights, National Geographic and more. There are picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, even song books. The site and app aren’t free, but new users can test-drive ReadingIQ for 30 days.

$7.99 per Month | Ages 2-12 |



educational websites for kids
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ABC Mouse & Adventure Academy

From the same team that brought you ReadingIQ, meet ABC Mouse and Adventure Academy. Together, they represent the most popular and robust for-profit educational websites for kids. You can think of ABC Mouse as Adventure Academy’s little sibling, where kids under 7 can read books, listen to music and play games, all while progressing through customizable learning levels. Adventure Academy, for kids up to 13, takes children through a virtual “academy,” earning coins through completing lessons so they can shop for their personalized avatars and socialize online with friends. Both sites are paid but offer a 30-day trial.

$12.99 per Month | Ages 2-7


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