Best dog parks in the DMV

Best Dog Parks in the DMV

In recognition of National Dog Month, here are my top five picks for the Best Dog Parks in the DMV. For most dog parents, we’re always celebrating the immeasurable bond between us and our furry four-legged friends. Still, there are times when we get to appreciate our dogs a little bit more with treats, toys and outdoor adventures.

ellsworth dog parkEllsworth Urban Dog Park

Located in Silver Spring, Ellsworth boasts being the only ADA-compliant dog park on this list. There are two exercise areas for your pet; a small dog area intended for dogs under 20 pounds and a large dog area intended for healthy, well-socialized dogs over 20 pounds. Both enclosures feature drinking fountains, artificial turf mounds, benches and shared shade structures. 621 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring, Md. 20910; Visit their site!



shirlington dog parkShirlington Dog Park

Organized over 30 years ago, Shirlington Dog Park was one of the first off-leash enclosures for dogs in D.C. Two acres of exercise area are squeezed into a narrow, quarter-mile-long trail (including a separate area for small dogs) with an open urban stream on one side. The stream is open for dogs to play in; however, exercise caution as unfiltered runoff makes its way into the water. 2710 S Oakland St. Arlington, Va. 22206; Visit their site!


simpson stadium dog parkSimpson Stadium Dog Park

Located in a dog-friendly neighborhood of Alexandria, Simpson Stadium has undergone major renovations in recent years to become an example of a well-maintained dog park in the DMV. Fresh gravel and grass are manicured as needed and stadium lights have been installed for safety during those evening play dates. 426 E. Monroe Ave., Alexandria, Va. 22301; Visit their site!



towers dog parkTowers Dog Park

Another lighted park, Towers Dog Park is open until 10 p.m. and features separate enclosures for large and small dogs. Additionally, your canine companions can enjoy water spigots, tennis balls and an agility ramp across this large exercise area. Please familiarize yourself with the park rules before visiting with your pup. 801 S. Scott St., Arlington, Va. 22204; Visit their site!



carlyle dog runDog Run Park at Carlyle

Since 2009, the Dog Run at Carlyle has been a local favorite for pet parents and their dogs due to its three acres of well-maintained gravel and lawns. There are separate play areas for large and small dogs, benches for pet owners, available drinking water and lighting for nighttime romps in the park. 450 Andrew’s Ln., Alexandria, Va. 22314; Visit their site!



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