Books for Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month

Check-out these must-read books for Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage Month. Then listen to “Traveling Together” to explore ideas about feelings, self-awareness, family and community.


books for Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage MonthMouse’s Thanksgiving | By Judy Cox | Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler Holiday House, 2020, $7.99

In this charming cumulative tale, Mouse creeps out of his hidey-hole to gather vittles for his own Thanksgiving. But no sooner does he carefully balance turkey platter, gravy boat, carrot stick, olive and cranberry atop his “teensy-tiny green pea” then up pops Cat – and the feast goes flying. Luckily, what remains is the first and most important part. This board book makes for a deliciously surprising Thanksgiving read-aloud.

ages 3 – 9

books for Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage MonthCome on In: There’s a Party Inside This Book | By Jamie Michalak | Illustrated by Sabine Timm Hippo Park, 2022, $18.99

Lemon decides to host a party and invites all her friends, household items repurposed as lively characters, including “fruits dressed in suits,” a Toast Dog and cats made from a clothes pin and yarn ball. This ingenious, wildly engaging offering by Jamie Michalak and Sabine Timm will inspire youngsters to stage their own stories with found materials. It takes playing with your food to a whole new level!

books for Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage MonthI Survived: Courageous Creatures and the Humans Who Helped Them | By Lauren Tarshis | Scholastic, 2021, $7.99

These riveting true tales showcase both animal heroes and creatures rescued by humans. Young readers will cheer the pigeon Cher Ami, who saved the lives of almost 200 American soldiers during World War I, and they will thrill to the painstaking efforts of people who rescued 20,000 penguins from a deadly oil spill. This fascinating work of nonfiction is designed to create an immersive, highly informative experience, with photos, detailed captions, spreads with additional facts and “how you can help” back matter.

ages 10 and up

books for Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage MonthElatsoe | By Darcie Little Badger | Levine Querido, 2020, $18.99

In a gripping, beautifully written novel destined to be an instant classic, Darcie Little Badger describes an alternate America. With the help of ghost animals, Ellie – who, like the author, is a Lipan Apache – sets out to investigate her cousin’s murder and uncover the secrets that endanger her world. Share it not just during November, National Native American Heritage Month, but throughout the year.

books for Thanksgiving and Native American Heritage MonthFeatured Album

“Traveling Together” For all ages, especially for ages 4 – 10

“Traveling Together” by Brighter Light Brigade contains something special to think and talk about. Artists Amyliza de Jesus and Maria Vannucci (Columbia, Maryland) both practice as licensed mental health professionals. For this reason, their music evolves naturally from a place of giving support to children and families, with socioemotional health being the common theme woven throughout the songs. Highlights include “My Whole Heart,” “Don’t Judge a Box,” “Traveling Together” and “My Favorite Song.”


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