PMA Awards

Washington Parent Magazine Takes Home Eight PMA Awards

The staff and writers at Washington Parent Magazine went home with eight awards of excellence from the Parenting Media Associations’ 2021 Design & Editorial Competition this weekend.

Parenting Media Association (PMA) is a national trade association of regional parenting media companies that produce high-quality magazines/newspapers, companion websites, e-newsletters, and local live parenting events targeted to growing families who are looking for ways to improve their lives. PMA has members all over the United States, Canada, and Australia and the global reach extends to over 6 million readers per month.

The Awards

In the annual PMA awards, “editorial judges evaluate entries for accurate and comprehensive reporting, superior writing, and thoughtful analysis of the issues relevant to the publication’s audience and evidence of editorial judgment, insight and enterprise.”

“In the design area, this competition recognizes and rewards excellence in the visual presentation of editorial matter and advertisements. Judges look for originality and intelligent use of resources in publication design. ”

The Washington Parent 2021 PMA Award Winners and Judge’s Comments:

Gold Award: Cover Lines, “February and June”; Jenny Heinbaugh, Jane MacNealy and Jacky Dooly Martin

The tone of this publication’s cover lines is spot on. The lines are witty where it makes sense to have fun – such as the “He Started It” line about sibling rivalry – and also more serious when needed. The section a of additional sell lines cross the bottom of the cover means there’s a lot to draw a busy parent’s attention.

Silver Award: Headlines, “May 2020 and January 2021”; Jenny L. Heinbaugh, Jacky Dooly Martin and Jane MacNealy

Throughout this publication, the headlines match up perfectly with the tone and content of the articles. They engage the attention of the busy parents reading the magazine.

Gold Award: Ancillary Cover, “2021 Camp & Summer Fun”; Jane MacNealy

The photograph of a child enjoying the water, with a rippled reflection at the bottom of the cover, says “summer camp.” Complementary colors create a pleasing palette. The lead tease is placed to draw attention to the reflection and additional teases.

Gold Award: Column, Child Development & Parenting Issues, “Who’s the Boss?” and “Be in the Moment”; Paige Trevor and Lynne Ticknor

The house is a mess and the kids’ meltdowns are increasing. These articles put a halt to both disasters in the making. An easy 6-step method brings others into the responsibility circle for maintaining order and completing chores. It really doesn’t have to all be on you – whomever you might be. And it’s possible and beneficial to teach mindfulness to young ones. The ability to focus or pay attention has to be learned just like other life skills. While teaching the children, you’ll gain benefits for yourself. Definitely a win-win.

Gold Award: Q&A Interview, “Give Your Child the “Empathy Advantage” An Interview with Michele Borba; Katherine Reynolds Lewis

This Q&A introduces the concept of empathy as a skillset that children need to learn to be successful adults. The writer uses questions and the edited answers to inform and convince parents of how empathy grounds children and gives them emotional tools to solve their own problems as well as making society a better place. It also answers the question about the empathy gender gap and gives us a solution – talking to our boys about feelings as much as we do with our daughters.

Gold Award: Column, Publisher’s/Editor’s Note, “Editor’s Note”; Jenny L. Heinbaugh, Editor

The publication’s recognition of the George Floyd tragedy exemplifies the mantra less is more. The concise piece does not shy away from words that express the gravity of institutional racism and systemic oppression. But the writer also makes room to share a key moment from her own life to help readers understand we’re all part of the problem and can find ways to do better.

Gold Award: Profile, “May 2020: Moms Working 4 You! Featuring the Good News Duo Molette Green and Irene Johnson”; Amanda M. Socci

One woman wields a camera, the other a microphone and together they are the “Good News duo” – two moms reporting, producing and delivering their own “live shots” for an NBC affiliate throughout the pandemic. This is a unique, engaging story that introduces readers to a couple of mothers working everyday miracles and having fun doing it.

Bronze Award: News Feature, “April 2020: Spreading the Coronavirus FAQs What Every Parent Needs to Know”; Mona K. Gahumia, DO, Edgard Segura, MD

The doctors’ expertise shines through in this column, offering parents credible advice on how to protect their children from the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. They strike an authoritative tone while providing parents with a sense of calm in an ever-changing environment.

The Team at Washington Parent are thankful for recognition in this year’s PMA Awards Ceremony and continue to be passionate about bringing community, resources and support to parents in the DC Metro Area.