Washington Parent Picks Nominate Us Promotions Kit 2024

Washington Parent Picks 2024 Nominate Us Promotions Kit

The Nomination Round is June 1— 30.  Each category’s top 3-5 will move to the VOTING ROUND. Ensure your business is nominated by urging your loyal fans and customers to nominate you. The more nominations you get, the more likely you will move to the Washington Parent Pick Voting Round.

To help you get started, we’ve created social media images to put on your social channels and images to add to your website, e-newsletter, and any other communications! Just download the images below (right-click on each) and link to the Washington Parent Picks ballot HERE. Then, watch the nominations come in!

Facebook: 940px wide x 688px high:

WPP Nominate Facebook 940 x 688 px


Facebook: 1200px wide x 630px high:

WPP Nominate Facebook 1200 x 628 px

Instagram: 1080px wide x 1080px high:

WPP Nominate INSTAGRAM 1080 x 1080 px

Instagram Story: 1080px wide x 1920px high:


300px wide 250px high:

2024 WPP Nominate 300x250

Nominate Us Badge:

2023 Wash Parent Picks NOMINATE US

Do you want to learn about other strategies to become a winner? Email Ronel@washingtonparent.net