Sweet Treats of the DMV Tour

Frozen, baked, drizzled or flaked, there are countless ways to enjoy a sweet treat this August! But where are you going to go for that tasty delight? Washington Parent Media teamed up with top confectioneries, bake shops and ice cream parlors to create a “Sweet Treats of the DMV” tour. Maybe you’ll visit a store with the family each weekend? Or maybe you’ll dare to sample a scrumptious little bonbon from every shop in a single day? (Tip: it’s a marathon, not a sprint!)

However you choose to tour the “Sweet Treats of the DMV,” your wallet can rest easy because every stop on our tour has whipped up a super-sweet discount for Washington Parent readers valid throughout August. Plus, we’ve enlisted the help of 11-year-old artist, Olive Vincent of Silver Spring, Maryland to guide families on their toothsome travels with a colorful map of the DMV. So what are you waiting for? These delicious deals won’t last forever!

Print Out The Sweet Treats of the DMV Tour Map HERE!

Chocolate Chocolate

1130 Connecticut Avenue, NW | Washington, D.C. 20036 | chocolatedc.com

Frances & Ginger Park’s love of chocolate knows no bounds. They’ve been serving the chocolate needs of D.C. for over 30 years and there’s no sign of this cacao-infused confectionary slowing down. Here you can find European chocolates, gourmet pan-crafted chocolates and boxes of chocolates in every size and color, including chocolate miniatures of D.C. monuments. Add Chocolate Chocolate to your sweet treats of the DMV tour and bite off a piece of chocolate history!

15% discount when you mention “Washington Parent.”

Henry’s Sweet Retreat

4823 St. Elmo Avenue | Bethesda, Maryland 20814 | henryssweetretreat.com

Old-school nostalgia meets modern-day convenience at one of Bethesda’s “Best Of” winners four years in a row. Inspired by owner Patty Craver’s husband Tom’s grandparents’ hometown in middle Ohio, Henry’s Sweet Retreat is a one-stop shop for candies, chocolates, baked goods, ice cream, soft drinks, gifts and more, just like a classic five-and-dime store. As they say over at Henry’s, #itsokaytocrave.

10% discount when you mention “Washington Parent.”

Cameron’s Coffee & Chocolates

9639 Fairfax Boulevard | Fairfax, Virginia 22031 | every1canwork.com

Cameron’s mission is almost sweeter than the incredible chocolates and baked goods they serve. That’s because Cameron’s Coffee & Chocolates belongs to the nonprofit foundation Every1 Can Work, which aims to provide permanent employment opportunities for young adults living with developmental and intellectual disabilities. So if you were wondering if guilt-free chocolates really do exist, look no further than Cameron’s!

15% discount when you mention “Washington Parent.”

The Pretzel Bakery

Capitol Hill | 257 15th Street, SE | Washington, D.C. 20003 | thepretzelbakery.com

Cabin John Village | 7961 Tuckerman Lane | Potomac, Maryland 20854 | thepretzelbakery.com

Can pretzels actually be called a sweet treat? They sure can. Especially when you bake them to perfection in a cinnamon glaze, paired with a Nutella dipping sauce, yum! With two locations to choose from, The Pretzel Bakery can be the next salty-sweet stop you’re looking for on your sweet treats of the DMV tour.

15% discount when you mention “Washington Parent.”

Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream

Wildwood | 10219 Old Georgetown Road | Bethesda, Maryland 20814 | sarahshandmadeicecream.com

River Road | 5241 River Road | Bethesda, Maryland 20816 | sarahshandmadeicecream.com

Bethesda’s mother-daughter team Sarah and Annie Park began experimenting with original ice cream recipes in 2018 and have since launched one of the most talked-about ice cream brands around. You’ll be shocked by how good their classics like OREO Lover and Peanut Butter Fudge are and then blown away by their unique seasonal flavors such as Summer Peach Melba, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and Fat & Sugar-Free Cookies n’ Cream.

5% discount when you order Online with code: WASHINGTONPARENT.

Alexandria Cupcake

1022 King Street | Alexandria, Virginia 22314 | alexandriacupcake.com

A deep love for cupcakes and a focus on high-quality ingredients are hallmarks of Alexandria Cupcake in Old Town Alexandria. Whether you’re ordering singles or by the dozen, full-size or mini, gluten-free or even vegan, their daily cupcake flavors and special offerings will remind you why cupcakes are everyone’s favorite way to eat cake. Special shoutout to their signature Red Velvet cupcake and Vegan Chocolate!

10% discount when you mention “Washington Parent.”

The Capital Candy Jar

201 15th Street, NE | Washington D.C. 20002 | capitalcandyjar.com

Capital Candy Jar owner Dave Burton has been passionately serving his friends and family with tasty treats since he was a student making homemade lollipops in his small town near the Rockies. Now you can share in Dave’s talented creations like chocolate-covered OREOs and pretzels, giant peanut butter cups and, of course, jumbo lollipops.

20% discount when you mention “Washington Parent.”

Fleurir Chocolates

110 South Payne Street | Alexandria, Virginia 22314 | fleurirchocolates.com

Accomplished chocolatier Robert Ludlow, along with owner Ashley Hubbard, takes a simple yet masterful approach to making chocolate that is as exciting to look at as it is to eat. Every chocolate is crafted with fresh, high-quality, natural ingredients in small, handmade batches, resulting in chocolates that look so good that you’ll hesitate (but only for a moment) before popping the whole piece in your mouth.

20% discount when you mention “Washington Parent.”


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