reading, writing & telling stories

Reading, Writing & Telling Stories

This month we’re all about reading, writing & telling stories! The colder months are a great time to learn about the power of storytelling and a chance to teach your kids the foundations of writing their own stories. We compiled a list of great tools for teaching kids early creative writing skills in fun and engaging ways.

Storytellers Card Game

Developed with childhood literacy experts to teach kids rich, descriptive vocabulary and encourage imaginative story writing. Features 300 hilariously illustrated word cards and 200 story prompts. May the best storyteller win! $29, ages 7+,

Jot Kids Lil Pros

With an 8.5 inch writing screen, fun colors and a kid-friendly protective cover, this reusable writing tablet is perfect for games, handwriting practice and drawing. Easy to travel with and great for on the go. $29.99, ages 4+,

Mindful Animals Calming Activity Cards

These 50 animal-themed mindfulness and relaxation techniques for kids will help calm and soothe them after a very busy day – or in the middle of one. $12, ages 4+,

52 Essential Conversations

A social-emotional learning card game. Features 100+ engaging prompts and inclusive activities to encourage children (and adults) to express their thoughts and feelings. Portable in a sturdy tin box perfect for car rides, in between activities and mealtimes. $24.99, ages 5+,

The Color of Your Skin

In both English and Spanish, this is a story from a child’s perspective, taking readers through a natural conversation between a girl and a boy about the wide color pallet that is life. A creative tale that addresses and celebrates diversity among young children. $16.95, ages 4-8, 

LeapReader® Learn-to-Read 10-Book Mega Pack™

Each book encourages a love of reading through activities and phonics games that reinforce what they’ve learned. Includes a Curricular Parent Guide that provides information on reading development along with activities. $54.99, ages 4+,

If you’re looking to support your child’s reading and writing development as they get older, there are services like DMForAdventure that work one:on:one with your child and create a tailored map for their growth. Best part is that your child can join the Heroes Circle and those tutoring sessions will be further incentivized through weekly Dungeons & Dragons sessions! Check them out here.


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