Magical Books for March

Magical Books for March

Celebrate the magical this month, with the Irish leprechauns and lucky shamrocks of St. Patrick’s Day and the enchanted beings and objects from various countries and cultures.

Tots–age 7

How to Trap a Leprechaun

By Sue Fliess

Illustrated by Emma Randall

Sky Pony Press, 2017, $16.99

Reading magic abounds in this lively tale by local author Sue Fliess, with colorful art by Emma Randall. Fliess’s rhyming text follows four inventive youngsters who are determined to catch a wily leprechaun. Will glitter, fake gold and glue enable them to trap the tiny green gentleman – or will he slip out of reach? Back matter shares additional information about leprechauns and Irish folklore and encourages kids to design and build their own unique snares, thus adding history, literary and STEM layers to this playful book.


Ning and the Night Spirits

By Adriena Fong

Flying Eye Books, 2023, $17.99

In the Long Shan Valley, a quiet boy named Ning befriends the night spirits long feared by the people of his village. Being shy, Ning is reluctant at first to intercede, but then he persuades the other kids to help educate the adults about these benevolent beings, many of which are based in Chinese mythology. Together, they broker a peace beneficial to all. Written and whimsically illustrated by Singaporean artist Adriena Fong, this story prizes not brute strength or cleverness in problem solving but thoughtfulness, attentive listening, empathy and kindness.

Rolie Polie Guacamole

Rolie Polie Guacamole’s

Rolie Polie Guacamole’s new album Diggin’ in the Dirt continues their tradition of fun, high-energy songs all done up in pop, folk, country, ska, reggae, punk, metal and rock styles that hit on favorite kid topics like superheroes, foods, adventuring, animals and more. Frank Gallo and Andrew Tuzhilin dress up original tunes with vibrant harmonies, deft instrumentals and humor. For all ages, but especially for ages 3-7.


Daughters of the Lamp

By Nedda Lewers

G.P. Putman’s Sons, 2024, $18.99

Twelve-year-old science-aficionado Sahara Rashad scoffs at the supernatural. But when in Egypt for her uncle’s wedding, she discovers phenomenon – a jinni lamp, a flying carpet – she can’t explain. Nor can she initially grasp how the women in her family became the keepers, through the ages, of Ali Baba’s treasure – or understand the evil that seems drawn to it. Debut author Nedda Lewers draws from Arabian fairy tales and her own Egyptian American childhood to create an action-packed adventure that brims with heart and emotional truth. And there’s good news for readers swept up in Sahara’s world: the second book in the series – Children of the Wind – will be published this summer.


Ghost Roast

By Shawnelle Gibbs and Shawnee Gibbs

Illustrated by Emily Cannon

Versify, 2024, $18.99 (paperback)

In this humorous, fast-paced graphic novel for ages 13 and up, Chelsea’s high school popularity plummets when she must work the summer at her dad’s decidedly uncool paranormal removal service. When he is hired to exorcize the ghosts from an old New Orleans mansion, Chelsea realizes she can see and communicate with these spirits, including Oliver, a teen from the late 1800s. As she and Oliver become friends, Chelsea begins to unearth the mystery behind his death – and his family’s enmeshment in racism. A likeable protagonist, surprising plot twists and powerful themes of social justice and history make for a compelling and richly satisfying story.