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Good Stuff: Snow Sled Substitutes

When a fresh coat of snow falls on the ground, there’s only one thing going through your family’s thoughts, “When are we going to go sledding?!” So you run over to your basement/closet/garage and start rummaging through the winter gear, only to realize the family sled isn’t here. It isn’t anywhere. That’s when you remember; it finally cracked last year under the weight of your uncle Ryan, who was visiting from Pittsburgh. But rather than fret and freak out, you remember this list of snow sled substitutes lying around the house just waiting to be repurposed as a frozen water plaything.

Please remember that parental supervision and common sense should be used at all times when exploring these snow sled substitutes!

Beach Baubles

large inflatablesJust because summer’s over doesn’t mean your beach toys can’t join the winter wonderland fun. So many of our favorite ocean faring floaties can be repurposed as a snow sled substitute. It may be possible to protect your beach baubles from rocks and dirt by covering them with trash bags and/or a shower curtain.

  • Boogie Boards
  • Large Inflatables
  • Inner Tubes

Unfailing Flats

Baking SheetThese are the tried-and-true snow sled substitutes from our youth. During the days of snowball fights in the quads and smelly cafeteria ladies. (Just kidding, they were smelly cafeteria dudes).

  • Cookie/Baking Sheets
  • Cafeteria Trays
  • Plastic Container Lids

Outdoor Odds & Ends

outdoor poolThese next snow sled substitutes tend to already be water-resistant, providing an important layer of protection when ripping down those icy hills.



  • Baby Pools
  • Tarps
  • Outdoor Furniture/Cushions

Prostrate Paraphernalia

Yoga matI don’t know why but it makes sense to me that almost any item you can lay on top of would make a good snow sled substitute. I suppose that doesn’t hold as true for a blanket … But these items should work!


  • Sleeping Bag
  • Yoga Mat
  • Air Mattress

Cardboard Construction

cardboardIf you have the right tools and love a DIY challenge, then this cardboard sled creation is the ultimate snow sled substitute. You will need (1) heavy-duty garbage bag, (1) thick cardboard box, duct tape, scissors and an exact-o knife:


  1. Open up the box on all sides
  2. Use your exact-o knife and cut the sides of the box (shorter sides) about halfway through and as close to the middle as possible. Cut off the flaps on the sides with the scissors. Shove in the sides that you have cut and push down.
  3. Pick which side will be the front:
    1. Fold up the top flap in the front and tape it down.
    2. Take the bottom flap in the front and pull it up to a 45-degree angle and tape it down so it will stay that way.
    3. Tape any remaining sides down tight.
  4. Lay your trash bag flat on the ground and cut open the sides so it opens up to twice its original size.
  5. Place the cardboard on top of the bag (the middle of the bag should come right up to the tip of the sled). Fold the bag over the back of the sled and tape it down.
  6. Stuff the remaining bits of bag into the pockets of the cardboard and tape it down.
  7. Fold the bag over the sled and tape it to the sides. You can cut the skirt or keep it on.
  8. Stretch out the bag around the bottom of the cardboard and tape it down tightly.
  9. Optional: Decorate!