April Fools Day

Family-Friendly Fool’s Day Pranks

Whether you’re reading this prior to April Fool’s Day or after, there are loads of reasons throughout the year to play one of these harmless, silly jokes on your family. The pranks listed here are simple, fun, and help teach your child which kind of jokes can be mutually enjoyed and which ones go a step too far. Read on for inspiration for your next family-friendly prank!

Pan of Brown “E”s Prank

This prank takes a little prep but is totally worth it. First, while your kids are out at school or the playground, whip up a tray of delicious chocolate brownies (this will be for after the prank). Next, take a few sheets of brown construction paper and cut out a dozen giant letter “E” s and place them on a baking tray. When your kids come home, tell them about the fresh tray of brownies and watch their eyes light up with confusion when you hand them the paper-filled tray!

chocolate brownies - april fools day

Screen Background Prank

A super simple prank that you can do over and over again! When your child is away from their electronic device (school computer, iPad, iPod, tablet, phone, etc.), log on and change their background screen to something cute, embarrassing, or if they’re older and can stomach it, something spooky. Just imagine your child’s face when a blown-up, corny picture of dad from last year’s holiday party pops up unexpectedly.

April fools day screen

Fake Toothpaste Prank

An oldy but a goody. This prank works best if you regularly assist your child with their teeth brushing routine in the morning. You’ll need a substance that looks like toothpaste and is edible. Our recommendations are icing, cream cheese, sour cream or something similar. Simply prep your child’s toothpaste with the fake paste out of their view and hand them the brush when they come into the bathroom in the morning. Priceless!


Mashed Potato Sundae Prank

Similar to the Pan of Brown “E”s Prank, this is another food-fake-out. The idea is that you’ve just made a fresh ice cream sundae for your kids, but surprise! The ice cream is actually mashed potatoes! Depending on your level of creativity you can make gravy look like chocolate or caramel sauce and bacon bits or chives look like sprinkles.

April fools joke milkshake

The Undrinkable Juice Prank

Another simple and fun family-friendly prank for kids of any age. The joke here is that you’ll hand your child a glass of their favorite juice but instead of juice, you’ve made a glass full of JELL-O! An expert move is to add a straw to the glass while the JELL-O is still firming up in the refrigerator, ideally overnight. First there is the look of surprise on your child’s face when they realize it isn’t juice in front of them, then comes the look of excitement when you hand them a spoon to eat the JELL-O.

undrinkable drink