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Breaking out the Briquettes for National Barbecue Month

Smell that? That’s the smell of some smokey and savory fare wafting from the flame-enhanced altar in your backyard to bring you all things summer and goodness. Or maybe it’s just a cheeseburger? Either way, my mouth is watering and so will yours with these five barbecue recipes you can cook up with your kids for National Barbecue Month.

hulihuli chicken barbecue recipeGrilled Huli Huli Chicken

Tiki torches are not required for this Hawaiian barbecue recipe, but they’re certainly welcomed. I love the balance of sweet and savory flavors in the glaze, which really pops if you let the chicken marinate overnight. When cooking with your kids, let them mix the ingredients in the bowl or help baste the chicken during grilling.

seitan ribz bbq Barbecued Seitan Ribz

This barbecue recipe requires a tad more effort to make yet is totally worth it. I love the simple choice of pre-cooking the ribz in the oven to ensure the seitan retains its shape and texture. Be sure to enlist your child’s help in mixing the ingredients together and then pressing the dough down into the pan.




buffalo shrimp skewers for national barbecue monthBuffalo Mexican Shrimp Skewers

Everything tastes better on a stick! I’m in love with this fusion of the classic buffalo sauce and Mexican flavors. The kids can help skewer the shrimp prior to grilling or pour the sauce over just before serving. For me, this grilling classic isn’t complete without a bowl of blue cheese for dipping.

corn bbq recipeGrilled Corn With Chipotle-Lime Butter

What’s easier than grilling corn with the husks still on? Nothing, that’s what. This barbecue recipe is simple to make and simply delicious. The kids can help mix your favorite flavors into the butter (this recipe calls for chipotle and lime) and yes, they can help you eat the corn as well.

best burger recipe for national barbecue monthThe Best Burger

It’s the classic, the tried and true, top billing for any outdoor barbecue feature, the burger. The secret to a well-made burger is the balance of flavors and texture. Kids love getting their hands dirty when mixing the ingredients before shaping the beef into patties. Try substituting ground beef with a meat-alternative for the best vegetarian burger!

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