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Books About Self-Care, Friends and the First Day of School

Your kids will love these books about self-care, friends and the first day of school. Join feathered friends that flutter and chirp, a little bear that helps calm back-to-school jitters and have record-breaking fun in the neighborhood with Lizzy, who befriends and cares for a fluffy cloud. And make sure they listen to loving messages on the album “Your Voice is Magic.”


first day of schoolBirds: Little Kids First Board Book | By Ruth Musgrave | National Geographic Kids, 2022, $7.99

Bright photographs and a simple, lively text engage little ones curious about the feathered friends that flutter and chirp around them. This sturdy board book provides age-appropriate information, such as “all birds hatch from eggs” and “chicks have fluffy feathers called down.” The final double-page spread encourages multisensory learning by suggesting playful interactions, including “flap your arms like the eagle” and “open your mouth like the baby birds.”


ages 3 – 6

first day of schoolThe Little Bear | By Nicola Killen | Simon & Schuster, 2022, $16.99

The first day of school looms large for youngsters, and this beautifully designed, gentle tale speaks to and can help soothe the mixed feelings (excitement, sadness, worry) that attend this momentous event. Dressed in her signature bear suit, Ollie nervously prepares her school backpack for the next morning. But then a dreamy nighttime adventure allows her to help a little bear adjust to his first woodland school and to draw, count and enjoy storytime with him. In doing so, Ollie realizes that she, too, is ready to figure out the next steps in her own new school adventure.

first day of schoolLizzy and the Cloud | By the Fan Brothers | Simon & Schuster, 2022, $18.99

Lizzy befriends and learns to care for a small, fluffy cloud that, like a balloon, bobs above her on a string. She carefully waters and walks it, and the cloud thrives, growing bigger and bigger. As with most real-life relationships, there is change and separation, but Lizzy learns that memories and gratitude for time spent together can help keep a friend close in one’s heart. A wise, whimsical fable.

ages 7 – 10

first day of schoolZara’s Rules for Record-Breaking Fun | By Hena Khan | Salaam Reads, 2022, $6.99

This delightful first book in a new series by award-winning Maryland author Hena Khan stars dynamic 10-year-old Zara, who loves to organize activities for the kids in her neighborhood. She is the uncontested queen – until Naomi moves in, with her own ideas of what’s fun. Zara must grapple with both sharing the spotlight and navigating her boisterous Muslim Pakistani-American family, which includes parents, uncle, grandparents and an irksome little brother. Much like the classic Ramona Quimby books, this title and those forthcoming balance humor and heart and center the everyday dramas of family and friends.

first day of school“Your Voice is Magic”

Again Again is the award-winning performing duo Jennifer Cook and Anne Montone. Their album, “Your Voice is Magic” is a bundle of loving messages about self-care, respect and identity. Album highlights include the super-snappy anthem, “Signs Up High,” a positive protest song that reminds kids of fundamental democracy. “Pronoun Party” was triggered by kids’ curiosity about personal pronouns. It was written to help explain gender identity in a welcoming way. And “FOMO” reminds kids that “It’s okay to miss out sometimes.” For all ages, especially ages 1-7. Available at major digital retailers.


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