Blast Off With Escape Velocity

The Museum of Science Fiction is blasting off with its fourth annual Escape Velocity convention this Memorial Day Weekend, beginning on May 24, 2019.

The theme of Escape Velocity 2019 is “Technology,” and will feature three days and hundreds of science and science fiction-themed programs – including more museum gallery items, exhibitors, discussion panels and interactive activities than previous years. Check the online program at:

There’s just no shortage of amazing! Between the nonstop events at Escape Velocity and all the fun ways to play at National Harbor, your family is sure to be occupied all weekend! Book a hotel room for naptime and stay all weekend!

Here are the Top 9 things to do:

  1. Go to the Nearest Museum – The Museum of Science Fiction Gallery!
  2. Take a self-guided tour through our Gallery in the Annapolis 2 room right there at the Convention Center! This year, we celebrate technology, both real and imagined through science fiction. It’s a great place to start your Escape Velocity experience.

  3. Hands-On STEM Activities for Kids
  4. Make a beeline for the Exhibit Hall for nonstop hands-on learning projects with NASA scientists, the Artway Alliance, First Robotics, DC Stunt Coalition and our other event partners! And make sure you make time to visit the inflatable planetarium.

    Want an even deeper educational experience? Sign up for one of the many workshops. Topics include: video game design, coding, sci-fi writing, dance and comic book art.

  5. Try Virtual Reality
  6. Augment VR Arcade is a high-end arcade bar, featuring the latest gaming technologies by Alienware, NVIDIA, Intel, and HTC with a multitude of experiences to choose from. Play games, explore Google Earth, experience art and more in VR.

  7. Geek Out
  8. You’ll find all your favorite science fiction franchises in the exhibit hall. The photo ops are endless, with full-scale models and props, like the Millennium Falcon Cockpit, snow speeders, the Ectomobile, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Alien, Jurassic Park, and the list goes on. Costumes encouraged!

  9. Play STEM-O-LOGY and Other Games
  10. One look at our comprehensive board gaming library will have you saying, “Shall we play a game?” And just like the public library, it’s totally free. No need for a library card. There are Educational games for kids of all ages (k-12) – all the way to the most advanced strategy games.

  11. Give Darth Vader a High Five
  12. Can you bring Darth Vader back from the dark side with some positive attention? For sure, he’ll be smiling under his helmet if you stop by the 501st Legion’s pavilion in the exhibit hall to see him and his storm troopers.

  13. Join Starfleet!
  14. Learn all about teamwork, logistics and strategy on the Bridge Simulator! The SIM is free and you can go as many times as you like!

  15. Take a Nap
  16. With so much excitement, the kiddos (and maybe mom and dad) will need a little nap time. Book your hotel room at the Gaylord National Convention center by May 3rd for special rates.

  17. Explore National Harbor

    From the Capital Wheel, to kayaking, to the Peeps Store, there’s a lot to see and do in National Harbor. And don’t forget to stay in costume. Local business delight in seeing our con-goers all decked out!