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  • Over 33% have advertised for more than 7 years. Why? They get results!
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  • 97% are female
  • 60% are between the ages of 30 and 39
  • 56% have incomes over $100,000
  • 90% have a college degree
  • 43% have masters or other post-graduate degrees
  • 68% work outside the home

Why do our readers give us such high ratings?

  • Usefulness of ads
  • Monthly calendar
  • Accuracy of new stories
  • Quality of writing
  • Usefulness of parenting columns and features
  • General layout and design

What do our readers say about us?

“I look forward to each issue of Washington Parent. The articles are informative and practical… it’s a great resource for activities and services as well. I read the print off the page.” Parent, CCBC Children’s Center“Washington Parent magazine flies out of our waiting room.” Ethna Hopper, The School Counseling Group

Our advertisers are pleased with their results.

“You are such a rich resource for parents with the magazine and the website. It is no wonder Washington Parent is the most frequently mentioned source for learning about our camp fairs.” Carey Rivers, Tips on Trips and Camps“The results of advertising with Washington Parent are spectacular, both on the Internet and in the printed magazine.” Ken Massimo, Owner, Kids’ Parties, Inc.