5 Fun Family Board Games

5 Fun Family Board Games

We’ve all played Clue or Monopoly – perhaps “play” is too generous, rather we’ve all “had fights over” – but did you know there’s a great big world of board games out there that don’t involve passing go? Prepare yourself for hours of fun with these five family-friendly board games in honor of International Tabletop Day on June 1st!

Spot It!

Simple to grasp yet ultra-competitive in the hands of experienced players, Spot It! consists of 55 cards with eight symbols on each card drawn from a bank of 57 total symbols. By using the power of complex math (look up combinatorics!) every pair of cards has one matching symbol to them. Each player starts with a card face up in front of them and must find their matching symbol from a randomly drawn card before the other players. Fast paced and fun, even your youngest gamers can master Spot It!

  • Recommended Ages 6 and Up
  • Retail: $9.99

Sushi Go!

Equal parts delicious and fun, Sushi Go! is my go-to family-friendly board game. The goal is to score the most points after three rounds by collecting winning combinations of cards (similar to playing hands). Who has the most maki rolls? Who paired the wasabi with the nigiri? Fair warning: this game is very likely to make you hungry for some sushi!

  • Recommended Ages 8 and Up
  • Retail: $11.99

Dungeon Mayhem

If your kids love high fantasy games and books, then Dungeon Mayhem is the next adventure they’re looking for. Assuming the role of one of Dungeons & Dragons core adventuring classes – Barbarian, Paladin, Rogue or Wizard – battle it out against your friends using magic, might and guile. The last adventurer remaining with hit points wins the mayhem of this family-friendly board game. A great game to take on the go!

Recommended Ages 8 and Up Retail: $15.00

Codenames: Disney Family Edition

Codenames is a social word game created in 2015 in which two “spymasters” give one-word clues to their teammates in the hopes they can guess the correct word with clues laid out in a grid. In this Disney edition, the grid now consists of words and images representing classic Disney characters, locations and items. No two games will ever be alike!

  • Recommended Ages 8 and Up
  • Retail: $24.99

CATAN Junior

For many board game connoisseurs, CATAN and its many expansions were the beginning of their strategy games journey. Now, your young ones can start their journey with CATAN Junior using the simplified rules of the original edition in this family-friendly board game. Each player assumes the role of a pirate working to grow their influence by collecting resources and building pirate lairs. But watch out for the Ghost Captain!

  • Recommended Ages 6 and Up
  • Retail: $27.99