35 Mother’s Day Gifts You Don’t Have to Dust

Mother’s Day is upon us and once again, I have no idea what to get my mom. The woman needs nothing and rarely gives hints of things she might like. In all honesty, she doesn’t need any more “things” to clutter up her home at this point in her life. If you are in the same situation, perhaps your mom will enjoy some of these Mother’s Day gifts.

The Gift of Experiences

  • Plane Ticket – Use your credit card miles or purchase a ticket for Mom to visit family or friends.
  • Theater – Choose movie theater or live theater tickets for entertainment for Mom this year.
  • Classes – Give Mom classes like genealogy or cooking or pottery to expand on her hobbies.
  • Spa Package – The gift of relaxation is a classic for Mother’s Day.
  • National Park Pass – The National Parks and Federal Lands Lifetime Senior Pass (if Mom’s 62 or older) is just $80 and gives access to over 2000 National Parks.

Digital Gifts

  • Charitable Donation in Her Name – Donate to a cause that Mom supports like St. Jude’s or a local animal shelter.
  • Digitize the Boxes of Photos and Videos – Look to companies like or take on the project yourself.
  • Audible, Kindle Unlimited – If Mom is a big reader, she will love the variety of e-books and audiobooks she can get through Amazon.
  • Gift Cards for Everyday – With the cost of everything on the rise, Mom might enjoy a little help with everyday needs.
  • DNA Test – Let Mom learn more about her heritage. Every year, websites like offer deals for Mother’s Day.

Gifts She Can Eat

  • Homemade Goodies or Staples – If you meal prep for yourself, consider making some extra for Mom. Great for days when she doesn’t want to cook.
  • Food of the Month – Don’t limit it to fruit. Try a monthly pizza, charcuterie or pickles. There are also subscriptions for dietary restrictions like gluten free or vegan.
  • Gift Cards to Local Restaurants – Everyone has their favorite café or pizza place or you can also consider a gift card to a new-to-her restaurant that she has been wanting to try.
  • Invite a Personal Chef to Her House – Reach out to local culinary schools or caterers to find a chef who offers meals made in your home.
  • Food Kits Sent to Her House – Have you tried HelloFresh, Home Chef or Dinnerly? These kits come with all the ingredients and cooking instructions, plus a recipe to make it again.

Get Her Help with Chores

  • Handyman Help – Have Mom make a list and hire someone to get it done.
  • Lawn Service – Gift a lawn care specialist for weekly maintenance or to do a big project like trimming an overgrown tree.
  • Car Care – After a long winter, Mom might appreciate a car detailing and waxing or even a car wash membership.
  • Housecleaner – Hire a housecleaner for Mom to do the weekly cleaning or even just help with her spring cleaning this year.
  • Laundry & Dry-cleaning Service – No one likes laundry, so the gift of someone else doing laundry is great. Bonus if they come with pickup and drop-off.

Gifts of Your Time

  • Family Photo – Make time to arrange a group photo session with the children and grandchildren. If family is spread across the miles, consider doing family collages instead.
  • Weekly Coffee Date – Whether in person or just on the phone or via Zoom, Mom will appreciate some catch-up time.
  • Family Game Night – Set up a schedule of game nights, once a month perhaps, for some fun family competition.
  • Plant a Garden – If your mom loves taking care of her garden and planters, but can’t do the heavy lifting anymore, offer to do it for her.
  • Adventures of Mom and Me – We already do this with our children, so why not try an adult version with your mom? Plan a day, night or weekend for just the two of you.

Fill a Basket of Consumables

  • All Her Favorites – Go around her house and see what products she uses. Purchase her favorites or throw in some of yours.
  • Pet Supplies – Does she have a pet? How about new items for them?
  • Hobby Supplies – Hobbies are expensive. Offer to take Mom shopping to refill her favorite supplies or to try out some fun new ones.
  • Her Favorite Snacks – Have fun with this. You can choose packaging with her favorite colors or choose a theme like all chocolates or all chips.
  • Just A Basket of Fun – Gather small gift cards – $5 to $15 – to all Mom’s local favorites (Dunkin’, Subway, Panera, a local coffeehouse or gelato shop) for a quick treat.

Memberships and Subscriptions

  • Newspapers and Magazines – While a lot of this is online, sometimes you just want to flip through a paper copy.
  • Streaming Service – This is perfect for a new season of Mom’s favorite show that is only available on a different streaming service than what she has.
  • Renew a Membership – If Mom already has popular memberships like Amazon Prime or Costco, why not renew them for her?
  • Gym/Fitness Membership – Is there a local gym or yoga studio Mom would like to try? Perhaps she would benefit from a personal trainer.
  • Digital Greeting Cards Membership – If Mom likes to send out greetings for every occasion, she might like a digital greeting card membership like Blue Mountain or Jacquie Lawson.