Unforgettable Father’s Day Activities

33 Unforgettable Father’s Day Activities

Before you start preparing that traditional breakfast in bed for dad on Father’s Day, consider some of these outings first. If Dad is itching for an adventure this year, why not try one or even a few of these unforgettable Father’s Day activities? And don’t forget to snap photos of everyone enjoying Dad’s special day, because this is going to be his best Father’s Day yet.

1. High-score Dad

Whether dad likes vintage video games like Pac Man and Space Invaders or prefers a few rounds of Skee-Ball and pinball, a trip to the arcade is a surefire way to light up the day.

2. Soaring Dad

Remember the song “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” from the Disney film “Mary Poppins”? Stop at the store on your way to the best kite-flying park in town and you’ve got a great impromptu Father’s Day excursion.

3. Slip And Slide Dad

If you are fortunate enough to live near a water park, you’ve got a whole day of splashing good fun ahead of you. Arrive early to beat the long lines.

4. Root, Root, Rooting Dad

Take Dad out to the ball game, take him out with the crowd for Father’s Day. Buy him some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and he will smile all day while he cheers for the home team.

5. 3-D Dad

Surprise your dad with the 3D or Imax movie he’s most excited to see this summer. Or head for the nearest drive-in movie theater. There are 338 locations left in the U.S.

6. Rappelling Dad

Does Dad love an intense challenge? If so, rock climbing at your local climbing center is a great Father’s Day idea. Be sure to make reservations in advance.

7. Biscuits & Gravy Dad

Let’s face it, one of the best places to go on Father’s Day is out to brunch. Hit Dad’s favorite greasy spoon or surprise him with a new-to-him restaurant you think he’ll love. Reservations are a good idea.

8. Angler Dad

If Dad loves fishing, don’t try to worm your way out of it. Dig him up some worms on Saturday or buy some at your local pet store. Then haul out or borrow the gear, and off to the nearest body of water you all go!

9. Tomahawking Dad

Some dads love nothing more than a nice long game of Frisbee. So surprise him with a new disc to add to his collection and then head to the nearest Frisbee golf course. Check online for how to play and for the location closest to you.

10. History Buff Dad

Is a historic destination or reenactment event within driving distance? If so, pile everyone in the car and travel back in time together on Father’s Day.

11. River Rat Dad

Some dads are just water lovers. If your dad is one of them, he’ll probably love a day of kayaking, rafting or tubing. Be sure to wear a helmet when necessary.

12. Lip-smacking Dad

Barbeques are great, but today is Dad’s special day and he’d probably like to be waited on rather than cook. So what’s it going to be: steak, seafood, pasta? Go ahead and indulge him with a fancy dinner on his special day.

13. Place Your Bet Dad

Naturally you don’t want dad blowing his paycheck at the track every month. But since he’d never do that, a trip to the horse races with the whole family to place five-dollar bets and cheer your head off makes for an unforgettable Father’s Day.

14. Breaking Away Dad

You don’t have to own enough bikes for everyone in the whole family. You can always rent bikes for the day or borrow bikes from your neighbors for a ride for everyone. Wear helmets, stay hydrated and bring snacks.

15. Putting Dad

For some fathers, there is no greater joy than sharing a love of golf. If kids are young, mini-golf is a great option. When they get older, try the driving range and eventually, the whole 18 holes.

16. Paint-splattered Dad

For Dads with tweens and teens, an afternoon at the paintball park can be thrilling, not to mention colorful. Just remember to wear safety gear.

17. Sunscreen Dad

Even if your father doesn’t surf or even boogie board, he may still long for a relaxing day at the beach. If visiting the coast is not an option, how about a lake or riverfront? Dads and water do mix!

18. Education-junkie Dad

Have you noticed the proliferation of local classes in your community? Why not sign the whole family up for a class you can take together? Search for “family learning” plus your location and see what sounds intriguing.

19. Cowboy Dad

If your dad loves the movie “City Slickers,” maybe Father’s Day is time for that family trail ride. Wear jeans and sturdy shoes and get ready to sweet-talk your ride.

20. Bouncing Dad

Even though he might not be prepared to do flips, Dad might be up for an afternoon at the local trampoline park. Jumping is fun and relaxing. Call ahead to discover the least-crowded times.

21. Bull’s-eye Dad

Does your local sporting goods store have an archery gallery? If not, find an archery store in your area and head on over for a few pointers before purchasing a bow and arrow set to use in your yard.

22. Tire-screeching Dad

Even though kids may not be old enough to drive, they can have fun racing dad at the nearest go-kart destination. Search for both indoor and outdoor options and then rev ‘em up!

23. Music-minded Dad

Outdoor concert opportunities abound in the summertime! Grab tickets ahead to attend a traditional concert. Be sure to choose a singer or group that will get Dad grooving.

24. Stomping Dad

Looking for a last-minute adventure for Father’s Day that won’t break the bank? Hiking is perfect. You can either do a short afternoon hike or take more time preparing for an all-day excursion. Whichever Dad prefers.

25. Puddle of Dad

Do you have a day spa or a local massage center near home? If so, sign your father up for some treatments. If the place is family-friendly, everyone can join in. Otherwise, grab a bite while he gets spoiled.

26. Top Down Dad

How convenient – vintage car shows often fall on Father’s Day. If your dad is a car buff, plan a day trip to a show in your region. Wash Dad’s car before you go.

27. Helping Hands Dad

If he loves to volunteer, why not pitch in as a family on Father’s Day? Charities often need more support during the non-holiday months. Contact his favorite for ways your family can contribute.

28. Roadrunner Dad

Lace up those sneakers and get ready to pound some pavement with Dad. Families who run together can work their way up from short races to long races over the years.

29. Down-to-earth Dad

If Dad has a green thumb, why not take a garden tour for Father’s Day? Or take him to the biggest nursery in your area to select plants for the season.

30. Strike-loving Dad

Of course, he doesn’t need to use the bumpers, but younger kids can so they, too, can enjoy an afternoon or evening of bowling with Dad.

31. Round-and-round Dad

For many dads the amusement park is a family favorite. How many times can you go on each ride before the park closes? You’ll have fun finding out.

32. Browsing Dad

If your dad is the thoughtful type, his idea of the perfect adventure might be a literary roam through the stacks of your largest local bookstore. Give him a gift card and let him browse while everyone else hangs out in their favorite section.

33. Up, Up And Away Dad

If you are looking for an unforgettable Father’s Day experience, consider taking the family up in a hot air balloon. Of course, this adventure is weather-sensitive, so be schedule-flexible for the safest experience.


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