12 Ways to Help a New Mom

Adjusting to having a new baby in the house can be difficult for the whole family. Sleepless nights and a change in routine can leave mom feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Offering support to a family with a new baby can help them adjust to their new normal. Often when you ask what you can help with, mom isn’t able to think of the exact way she needs help. Here are some ideas:

  1. Stop by the store

    Going to the store with newborn and possibly older children for the first time can be a daunting task. Offer to pick up a few things the family needs. This is especially easy if you will be out running errands already. Many grocery stores now offer drive-through pick up. Have the family order and pay for groceries online, then pick them up and deliver them. Helping to put them away would be an extra bonus.

  2. Help around the house

    Sweep the floor, fold laundry, vacuum or do dishes. Even a little bit of tidying up can make a big difference. A clean house during a period of transition can bring order to a time that feels chaotic. However, mom may prefer to clean herself. Offer to care for the baby and other children while she works on a household project.

  3. Come when others don’t

    Not all new moms are “new moms”. Families that are adding their second, third or fourth child need help just as much as first-time moms, if not more. When there are older children, there is no time for rest when the baby rests. Older children do not stop activities just because a new baby has arrived and mom and dad are tired. It can be very difficult to entertain a toddler while mom is nursing or changing diapers. Offer to take care of the older children for mom or offer to take care of baby so she can spend some alone time with her older children.

  4. Provide a meal

    Friends and family often send versatile casseroles like lasagna after the new baby is home. Try thinking outside the 13×9 pan. Why not bring the family the fixings for breakfast and lunch rather than just for dinner? Stock the freezer with easy, ready-to-make items like pizza, pasta, soup and crock pot meals. Then the family can pull something out of the freezer when they are not up for cooking. Crunched for time or don’t feel like making an extra meal? Bring the family their favorite take out or send a gift card.

  5. Set up a train

    When one meal just doesn’t cover it, set up a meal train using websites like or Discuss with the family the most convenient dates and times to deliver meals and solicit friends to fill all the open spots. Social media is a great place to recruit people you might not think to ask.

  6. Let her shower

    A new mom may feel she doesn’t have time for basic things like a shower, rest or eating a meal. One of the simplest ways to help a new mom is to hold the baby and watch the other children while she eats lunch, enjoys a relaxing shower or takes a short nap. When mom is rested, fed and freshened up, it can really make her feel ready to take on the rest of the day.

  7. Help with the older kids

    Show support by offering to pick up the older kids, even if it’s just for a couple of hours. If you are taking your own children to the park, swing by and pick up hers for the afternoon. This gets them out of the house and gives mom a break. Driving the kids to school or activities is also a big help for a family with a new baby. Time alone with baby may be just what mom needs.

  8. Ask about her birth story

    Giving birth is a huge milestone, an experience no mom will ever forget. Every birth has a story and many times there aren’t a lot of chances to tell it. Ask about her birth story and listen. Becoming a mom is a joyful, stressful, awe- inspiring and life-changing experience. Telling the birth story helps women to process and embrace this new journey.

  9. Bring a gift for mom

    Many people bring gifts for the baby, but mom is usually the one doing all the work. Bring a snack or treat for mom to enjoy. Other great gifts are ones that pamper mom or make her feel beautiful and comfortable in her postpartum body. Lotion, perfume, a new nightgown or slippers are some good ideas. A delivery of flowers is another great way to bring cheer and make mom feel special.

  10. Don’t stay too long

    Families who have newborns generally like to have company, especially if they pitch in around the house and help with the kids. However, don’t overstay your welcome. New parents tire easily. Visit the family, bring a meal and help out but watch for clues from mom as to when the family would like some alone time.

  11. Take her somewhere

    Mom may not be able to drive for a few weeks after birth. Offer to take her on errands or just out for coffee. Being able to get out of the house can do wonders for someone’s attitude.

  12. Don’t give advice

    An important tip for anyone chatting with a new mom is to listen but don’t give advice unless you are asked. It can be frustrating and overwhelming for her to get unsolicited advice from everyone she bumps into.

It’s important to ask mom what would help her. Would she prefer to have help with housework? Would she like you to hold the baby while she gets some things done? Some moms would prefer to have someone to chat with for a while and some moms may want to get out of the house for a bit. Offer several options and see what sounds most appealing to the new mom. Any offer to help is always appreciated by a family adjusting to having a new baby in the house.