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10 Ways to Save Money Exercising

I love working out and saving money. I aim to do some form of fitness at least six days a week. Since gym memberships can be expensive, I’m always looking for ways to cut costs. I also get bored only going to the gym, so I like to find other inexpensive ways to break a sweat. Here are some tips I have found to save money while being fit.

Get Reimbursed for Your Gym Membership

If you belong to a gym, ask your health insurance company or your employer if they offer gym membership reimbursement. My health insurance company reimburses me for three months of gym membership per calendar year. Even if I am only a member for three months, I will receive a check for the total cost of membership during that time.

Shop Around for the Best Gym Membership Price

The price of gym memberships can vary depending on the type of gym and what it offers. First you need to figure out what types of fitness are important to you, such as fitness classes, using pool/tennis courts or other gym equipment. Typically, the more a gym offers, the more expensive it will be. Try to find a gym that offers what you want for the least amount of money.

Negotiate Gym Membership

Often gyms are willing to negotiate the price or waive joiner fees. After you have shopped around and compared gym prices, you can use this information when negotiating the gym price. Ask to speak to a manager and let them know you are comparing gyms and then ask what the best price is that they can offer.

Look for Coupons or Referrals

Some gyms offer discounts through Groupon or offer coupons or free trials through their website. Once you are a member some gyms will offer a free month of membership or other bonuses if you refer people who sign up for a membership.

Get a Job at the Gym

Most gyms offer free membership to their employees. There are many job opportunities at the gym and flexibility in work hours and days. You could teach a class for an hour once a week and still receive a free membership.

Borrow or Stream Workout Videos

Workout videos are a great way to save money exercising. Most libraries offer workout DVDs or streaming videos through a service like Hoopla. Some cable companies offer free workout videos through the On-Demand option. Or you can look for free workouts on YouTube.

Download Free Workout Apps

There are tons of free fitness apps available depending on the type of workout you are looking for. Most of the apps are free and then have in-app purchases, so you might only get one or two workouts free, but if you like them the cost of the app may be less expensive than a gym membership.

Exercise Outside

Walking, running and biking are easy and free and burn lots of calories. A bonus is that you can do these exercises almost anywhere, even a crowded city. Ask a friend to join you or sign up for a race or charity event to help motivate you to exercise.

Find a Fit Park

Some playgrounds or fitness trails have a fit park, which is outdoor stations that have instructions and equipment. For example, one station might have a pullup bar with instructions to do pullups or chinups. Using this free equipment is a fun way to work out.

Join an Exercise Club or Team

You can join a running club or a baseball/softball league or other team for a small fee and not only exercise, but also meet new people.

Who is Ready to Work Out?

Now that you know some ways to save money and work out you don’t have any excuse to sit on that sofa. Once you get moving, I’ll high-five you for your effort either in spirit or in person.

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This article was originally published on Signature Moms.