Good Stuff March 2021

March Good Stuff: Know Your Craft for National Craft Month

Pull out the scissors and break open those crusty glue caps, because we’re getting crafty with National Craft Month! From paper and wood to fabrics and paints, almost anything can be made into crafts with a little ingenuity and a pinch of creativity.



Paper Flower Mother’s Day Card for National Craft Month

Paper Flower Mother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so why not help your child to create a beautiful, homemade card crafted with love and imagination? All you need is some basic home office supplies and a few sheets of colored paper and voila!



Easy Family Terrarium for National Craft Month
Jessika Creedon 2013

Easy Family Terrarium

Terrariums combine crafts, science and gardening into a beautiful and educational project for the entire family. Consider finding a few miniature figures, such as game pieces or toys, to populate your terrarium with



Toilet Paper Roll Bee for National Craft Month

Toilet Paper Roll Bee

Has hoarding all that toilet paper left you with a surplus of paper rolls to recycle? Take a few out of the bin and make some crafts with them! Start with one of these beautiful busy bees before starting your own colony of crafty critters.





Toy Marshmallow Catapult for National Craft Month
Jessica Downey Photography

Toy Marshmallow Catapult

Just because this is National Craft Month doesn’t mean we have to leave the science behind! Assemble the backyard’s most (probably) powerful physics-based projectile with popsicle sticks and rubber bands. Load up your catapult with marshmallows and watch how far they’ll go.


Easy Pencil Pinwheel for National Craft Month
Jessica Kesterson

Easy Pencil Pinwheel

Spring flowers are starting to bloom outdoors and indoors with these simple and colorful pinwheel creations. You can stick them in a small vase to build your own bouquet or let your kids walk around the house as they twirl in the air!