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The purpose of this series is to help parents and caregivers recognize normal child development milestones and to provide age-appropriate activities, nurturing and guidance. Each child is unique. Rates of development can differ widely among normally developing children, and each child can have “fast” or “slow” rates of development in different areas and at different stages. These descriptions are merely based on typical behaviors and developmental milestones for the age. If your child is not exhibiting “normal” developmental behaviors, there is no cause for alarm. However, discussion with a development specialist can help you determine if any special interventions are necessary.

Stepping Out

Your 1-Year-Old

Between Babyhood and Beyond

Your 3-Year-Old

High Five!

Your 5-Year-Old

Looking at Life From Both Sides Now

Your 7-Year-Old

Mystery and Manipulation

Your 9-Year-Old

Brains, Body and Backtalk

Your 11-Year-Old

Two A Tee

Your 2-Year-Old

Testing, Talking, Trying it All

Your 4-Year-Old

Mr. Smarty Pants

Your 6-Year-Old

Expansive and Energetic

Your 8-Year-Old

Easy Going, and the Going is Easy

Your 10-Year-Old

Looking Ahead

Your 12-Year-Old