Parent Input

Parent Input: September 2020

Definitely not flying! – Monica M.

No air travel, no group gatherings. – Vivian G.

Go to the gym. – Selvi R. C.

No indoor experiences, no flying, no large gatherings, not leaving the house without a mask. – Miriam L.

Hair salon. – Tina C.

I am good. No big crowds yet – concerts, amusement parks, etc. Open the world back up! There will always be disease! We need to get back to living! – Amy Z. 

We are still in heavy quarantine mode. It’s basically the same as the spring was. We value our lives and health. – Yashika C.

I’m not ready to do much yet. My daughter goes to the ice rink with a mask on and to sessions with limited numbers. My husband goes to the grocery store and to work occasionally. We have had a few outdoor socialization times with social distancing and masks. That’s about it. I don’t feel comfortable without masks or getting close up to people. I do not feel comfortable indoors. Definitely no big crowds or amusement parks, etc. Not sure if I feel comfortable traveling, staying in a hotel or such. Definitely no flying. – Kelly J. Z.

Not ready or comfortable to be in large groups of people. I allow myself and my daughters to be in small groups under very specific, controlled situations. On a more positive note, as I prefer to turn bad things into good things, we chose to do 100% virtual learning at home during the 2020-2021 school year. For us, it will be a forever memory of doing the right thing at the right time and making the most of every difficult moment. Gotta stay at home? Might as well smile about it and make the most of things! Now, more than ever is the time to accept the lemons and make the sweetest, brightest, syrupy lemonade ever known to man! – Amanda S.