Great Escape Tutoring Center

The Anxiety, Attention & A’s program (AA&A’s) is designed to increase academic knowledge while restoring confidence in students of all ages living with anxiety and attention deficit struggles.

The Write Turn

The Write Turn® specializes in providing explicit instruction to students who struggle with written language. It also provides intervention in reading, spelling, and expressive & receptive language.

Bass Educational Services, LLC

BES is a full-service educational consulting firm, providing students who learn differently with a range of educational services to support lifelong success. BES! Learn Differently. Achieve More.


Private tutoring for kids and teens using the excitement of Dungeons & Dragons to incentivize growth. Solve puzzles and fight monsters with your friends all from home! Tutoring in writing,


A dynamic nonprofit providing jobs and opportunities for people with disabilities for over 50 years and counting in the greater Washington, DC area. Services such as employee support services, day