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We at Washington Parent realize that we must provide our readers information on the web just as we do through our publication. This will give our readers even greater access to our articles and our advertisements to use as parenting resources.

Ninety-seven percent of Washington Parent readers are women. And research indicates that women, who now outnumber men online, use the web primarily for family information. So we view our website,, as a logical response to this demand and a logical extension of our newspaper. The ventures will be complementary, not competitive, and the possibilites are exciting. For example, online our widely acclaimed calendar, no longer limited to four printed pages, will be more comprehensive, will include more listings and will reach further into the future. Our guide listings will be posted throughout the year. As we refine and improve our site, we plan to continue adding features.

We are now offering you the opportunity to place your web ad next to your listing in our online guides so it will link directly to your website.

For advertising information call Mary Fran Gildea, Advertising Director, at 301-320-0187