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A Child’s Place

A Child's Place will help your child reach their full understanding of the world around them in a safe and secure environment. Individual attention is given to your child. Our caring teachers and administration will make you feel welcome. Your children will acquire many new interests and friendships. Respect for others is developed by learning to be kind to new friends. Each age group will explore the concepts of size, shapes, and visual relationships individual and group activities in an age appropriate manner. ACP has a long history of preparing your child for kindergarten. Preschool has a complete curriculum that includes circle time, free play, outside time and learning centers. Self-expression, through music, dramatics and everyday tasks are mastered resulting in feeling of self-confidence. We study different subject units which include numbers, letters and writing. We cover different topics from our families to dinosaurs.

A Child's Place offers a comprehensive learning program. We have well trained tenured staff. A Child's Place exceeds the minimum standards required by the State of Virginia for training. We use Mother Goose Time curriculum which is an approved program by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAYEC). The Curriculum is also sublimated by our creative Preschool staff.


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