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Good Stuff: Alternative Easter Basket Ideas

Thinking Outside of the Basket: Alternative Easter Basket Ideas

Spring is here and so is the charming tradition of gifting a basket full of joy on Easter. The tradition started in seventh-century Poland, where baskets would contain a sampling of Easter dinner covered with a white linen or lace napkin. Now that we’ve done away with the lace, let’s do away with the food and bring more fun and less mess to your Easter celebration. Here are five fresh ideas for your alternative Easter basket this year!



Alternative Easter Baskets

iPlay iLearn Ocean Animal Cookware

I don’t recommend trying to fit this entire set into your Easter basket (though kudos to you if you can!), but rather placing a few of these fun items into one instead. Imagine the look on your children’s face as they reach into their basket to pull out a colorful lemon and tomato, only to find out you have the full cooking set waiting for them hidden away!

$25.00; Age: 3+ Years: amazon.com/iPlay-iLearn-Cookware-Accessories-Utensils/dp/B08B1B8W6F 


Alternative Easter Basket

Cuddly Bunny Hops

Part playmate and part blanket, Cuddly Bunny Hops does it all! When rolled up, the blanket becomes a cute character with captivating components for your little one to touch, listen to and explore. When unrolled, it’s an instant soft and snuggly best friend. A hippity-hoppity addition to any alternative Easter basket!

$14.99 habausa.com/cuddly-bunny-hops/




Alternative Easter Basket

Ceratosaurus from Schleich

We all know a dinosaur lover out there, so why not treat them to one of the coolest (and dare I say most ferocious) dinos from the Jurassic Age. With a name that means “horned lizard,” this detailed model toy features anatomically accurate bumps at the eyes, a large horn at the nose and spike-like bones along its spine. The best part? The jaw is actually moveable! Watch your young paleontologist’s eyes beam at the sight of one of these in their alternative Easter basket.

$19.99; Age: 4-12 Years: schleich-s.com/en/US/dinosaurs/products/ceratosaurus-15019.html



Alternative Easter Basket

Easter 2-in-1 Sack & Spoon Race

Get the most out of your alternative Easter basket with this 2-in-1 game set! First, your children will don their colorful and cute bunny potato sacks to compete in their very own backyard sack race. Next, they’ll take one of the two pastel spoons and plastic eggs (did someone say, “no mess?”) to race back across the yard while balancing the spoon and egg in their mouth. Is it a bizarre tradition? Yes. Is it fantastic fun? Oh, certainly!

$9.99; Age: 3+ Years: Available at Walmart.



No spill Good Stuff April 2021

FUBBLES No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Minis

These bubble tumblers were designed with active kids in mind by preventing those accidental spills that occur during normal bubble play. You can knock them over or tip them upside down – either way, the fun continues. Each Bubble Tumbler includes a wand and non-toxic, dye-free bubble liquid. Talk about great gift ideas! They come in various designs, sizes and colors and multi-packs.

Age: 18 Months+ littlekidsinc.com/products/fubbles-no-spill/fubbles-no-spill-bubble-tumbler-minis