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Club SciKidz Summer Camps Club SciKidz Summer Camps

2 locations in Fairfax and Loudon Counties

Who We Are

The Best STEAM camps start right here! Each summer Club SciKidz offers 4 themed camps for grades PK-5. Our themes this year include: By the Beautiful Sea, Cosmic Cookie Dough, Robot Rumble and Coding Kaleidoscope. Our camp American Girl is available for campers’ grades 1-5.

Campers in grades 5-8 can choose one of our Ivy League camps from our Tech Scientific division. Concentrations include: Veterinary Medicine, 3D Printing, Chemistry, Rocketry, Drones, Stop Motion Animation., Harry Potter, American Girl, Minecraft with Java Programming, Advanced LEGO Robotics and more.

Each day campers rotate through 4 classes which incorporate science, technology, art and an exciting outdoor component. Pre-camp and Post camp hours are available.

Since 1997, Bob and Sue Hagan have created one of America’s finest summer science, technology, and art camps in the country.

Bob and Sue have a combined 30 plus years of teaching experience and both hold a Master’s Degree in Education.

The first summer camp was called “Special Effects” which taught campers the science involved in Hollywood’s Special Effects techniques. Now our Zombie Special Effects Camp. As time progressed, additional age groups and science themes were added.

Each year additional Science Camp themes were added and there are now 60, and counting, offering exciting projects and experiments for kids ages 4-15!

New for 2020 is our selection of STEAM camps. These camps combine STEM and art projects. Our exciting offerings include American Girl, Mystical and Magical (Harry Potter), and Marvel Stop Motion Animation,

Camp days are Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm. Pre and Post camp hours are available. Give the gift of summer camp!

Visit for more information or call 678-294-9504.

At A Glance

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What Others Say

Club SciKidz is the best camp program around!!! My son has attended summer camps with Club SciKidz each year since the age of four (he is now 12) They cater to kids of all ages and keep them engaged with all types of hands on projects and activities in science and technology. My son has learned and experienced so much. When I pick him up each day I need not ask how his day was and what he did... he was always so eager and excited to tell me first hand all about his day! It makes me so happy to know there are quality programs such as Club Scikidz! I must say a huge THANK YOU so much to the amazing founder BOB HAGAN for years of dedication and support. He always goes above and beyond to be there for his community! My son is super excited and counting down the days until his two weeks of summer camp! ***I highly recommend CLUB SCIKIDZ!!!

I can't say enough about Club Scikidz. My kids have been going to their summer camps for years and we even have their cousins visiting from out of town registered every year. The kids really enjoy it and say they're learning so much through the experiments and hands on activities. Also need to plug - Bob Hagan. He's the owner. He is so easy to work with, quick to respond to calls and emails. They also offer after school programs at schools that my kids have participated in as well. We've love Club Scikidz!! I would highly recommend them.

Patty p