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Alliance Pediatrics-Secret Agent<br/><br/> Academy Alliance Pediatrics-Secret Agent


1901 E Jefferson Street, Rockville, MD 20852
240-252-4105 ·

Who We Are

Help your child be the master of emotions! Empower your loved one to be a social rock star! This summer, the Secret Agent Academy is coming to Rockville, MD. We are currently enrolling cadets between the ages of 8-12 in the espionage-themed summer program. Academy cadets will be exposed to top-secret operations that help them crack the code of social encounters while learning gadgets to keep their cool.

The Secret Agent Academy's primary mission is to help kids have FUN and to ENJOY their summer. Summer should be a time of leisure, but why not get the benefits of social and emotional skills while having a blast?! The Secret Agent Academy attempts to incorporate individualized interests into the program each day. We know that kids learn when they are having fun and when they are engaged in their most preferred activities.

Each day the cadets will be exposed to exciting spy-themed games and skill building activities. The curriculum is designed to be engaging and fun for the cadets! Licensed Behavior Analysts and Licensed Psychologists will provide specialized lessons daily. Lead Agents, counselors with at least 2 years of therapeutic or educational experience, and Junior Agents will help the cadets generalize these skills with structured games and activities. The cadets will have snack and lunch at the academy (cadets bring a bagged lunch and snack). The agents leading group will incorporate computer and technology to engage the cadets in activities that reinforce the social and emotional skills. However, technology use will be kept at a minimum as the academy aims for cadets to explore a variety of methods to grasp concepts. The cadets will also receive a de-briefing each day on the skills they learned and how to apply those skills to their daily experiences.

As an additional service, caregivers have the option to participate in a weekly meeting with a psychologist to learn the specific skills and gadgets their cadet is exposed to each day.

At A Glance

Camp Type
Other Adventure with Social and Emotional Skill Building
  • Skills Training (Helping Cadets be Happier, Braver, Calmer and to Make and Keep Friends)
  • Mission Meeting
  • Snack & Lunch
  • Spy Missions
  • Indoor Agent Games
  • Movement Outside
  • Espionage-Themed Social Lessons
  • Emotion-Regulation Skill Building
Extended Day
Dates and Sessions
  • First Session: June 25 - July 20
  • Second Session: July 23 - August 17
  • Schedule: Monday-Thursday 9:00-2:00 and Fridays 9:00-12:00pm
  • After care available until 5:00pm

Admissions Info

Director Dr. Joy Kolb
Phone 240-252-4105