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Georgetown Day School<br/><br/> Summer Studies Georgetown Day School

Summer Studies

4200 Davenport Street, NW, Washington, DC 20016
202-274-1683 ·

Who We Are

Georgetown Day School invites you to join our summer studies programs for 2018, including expanded options for children ages 5 to rising 12th grade and exciting new offerings for each grade level!

Most of our classes are unique and will only be found at GDS. With GDS, students will learn new skills and reinforce those they have already learned; they'll think critically and creatively about real-world problems; and they'll do more, learning actively and with a focus on others.

LEARN: With classes ranging from Geometry to Creative Writing, Urban Agriculture to Organizational Skills, and Touch-Typing to the Implications of Infectious Disease, summer studies participants will learn new skills for school and life. And, if you're looking for skill-building activities for your child, check out one of our math reviews or writing and reading programs or our touch typing or organizational skills courses!

THINK: Students will engage in hands-on activities through Creative Challenges Camp, Debate Camp, Analysis & Retrospection of the 2016 Election, Wildlife Ambassadors, or Le Petit Nicolas French immersion programs to develop critical and creative thinking skills.

DO: For instance, where else will you find a creative writing and fencing program geared at getting students bodies and minds moving? We also offer a number of courses grounded in social justice, including our Poets of the Harlem Renaissance program for middle school students; The Color of Medicine: Literature, Ethics, and Race; or a service and social justice program for high school students.

Our goal for each class is twofold: first, that students will explore, learn, and create through hands-on and interpersonal inquiry, gaining an appreciation for themselves, others, and the world. And second, that our summer teachers and team members will teach students new skills and provide tools that support their development into great people who strive to learn and understand, try new things, and care for others. While this may look different in Geometry versus our Creative Challenges program, we hope that your child will leave the summer program at GDS feeling more confident and excited about learning.

We hope to see you this summer!

Starting June 11:

Lower School Dance Workshop (Rising 3-6)

Weekly, June 18-August 17 :

Creative Challenges Day Camp (Age 5-Grade 5)

June 18-22 Service and Social Justice in DC (3 options: Access to Education, Early Childhood Education, or Youth Homelessness), June 25-29 (Hunger), and August 13-17 (DC's Urban Environment): Exploring Service and Social Justice in DC (Rising 9-10)

Starting June 18:

Math and Science of Roller Coasters (Rising 3-5 and 6-8)

American History through Musical Theater (Rising 7-9)

Public Forum Debate Camp (Rising 6-8)

Summer Dance Intensive with Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company (Rising 7-10)

Service and Social Justice in DC (3 options: Access to Education, Early Childhood Education, or Youth Homelessness)(Rising 9-10)

Implications of Infectious Disease: An Interdisciplinary Exploration (Rising 10-12)

Geometry - Course for Credit (Rising 9-12)

Starting June 25:

The 2016 Presidential Election: Analysis and Retrospection (Rising 9-12)

Math and Science of Roller Coasters (Rising 3-5 and 6-8)

Service and Social Justice in DC (Hunger) (Rising 9-10)

Starting July 9:

Urban Agriculture (Rising 9-12)

Geometry - Course for Credit (Rising 9-12)July 9-20: Reading, Writing & Rapiers (Rising 3-5)

Swordsplay: Fencing, Writing and Literature Workshop (Rising 9-12)

En Garde! Fencing, Literature, and Creative Writing Workshop (Rising 6-8)

Hiking Regional Parks: Outdoor Exploration Camp (Rising 4th-7th)

Starting July 16:

Wildlife Ambassadors Program (Rising 6-8)

Hiking Regional Parks: Outdoor Exploration Camp (Rising 4th-7th)

Starting July 23:

Poets of the Harlem Renaissance (Rising 6-8)

Wildlife Ambassadors Program (Rising 3-5)

Starting July 30:

Creative Writer's Retreat (Rising 9-12)

Algebra 2 Review for Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus (Rising 10-12)

Creative Writing Workshop (Rising 3-5)

HS Organizational and Study Skills (Rising 9-12)

LS Math Workshop (Rising 3-5)

Pre-Algebra Review for Algebra 1 (Rising 8-9)

Algebra 1 Review for Algebra 2 (Rising 9-12)

Intro to 6th grade Math (Rising 6)

Intro to 7th grade math & pre-algebra (Rising 7)

MS Organizational and Study Skills (Rising 6-8)

MS Short Stories and Essay Writing Workshop (Rising 6-8)

Starting August 6:

The Color of Medicine: Literature, Ethics, and Race (Rising 10-12)

Le Petit Nicolas à Washington: French Immersion Class (Rising 9-12)

Writing Boot Camp: Newspaper Style (Rising 7-9)

Starting August 13:

Touch Typing (Rising 6-10)

Introduction to Debate Camp (Rising 6-8)

Reading, Researching and Writing Nonfiction Texts (Rising 3-5)

Service and Social Justice in DC (DC's Urban Environment) (Rising 9-10)

Starting August 20:

Touch Typing (Rising 3-8 or 6-10)

At A Glance

Camp Type
Other Service
Activities Math review and preview, fencing, creative writing, non-fiction writing, critical thinking challenges, day camp, debate, service and social justice, typing, outdoors, experiential learning, dance, history and politics
Extended Day
Dates and Sessions See above.

Admissions Info

Director Vinita Ahuja
Phone 202-274-1683