Montessori Schools in MD, VA and D.C.

Montessori education emphasizes independence, freedom within limits and respect for a child's natural development. Find Montessori schools in Md., Va. and Washington, D.C. See full-page ad on the inside back

Metropolitan Nursery School 

Ages 2-5 years. Our philosophy is that each child is unique and learns in his or her own way. We demonstrate these beliefs through a play-based approach to early childhood

Rosemount Center

Ages Birth-5 years. A year-round dual language program is located in northwest D.C. Open 8 a.m.-6 p.m., accredited by NAEYC, multiple enrollment options.  

Lowell School

Founded in 1965, Lowell is a progressive co-ed PK-8th school committed to respecting children, honoring their individuality, and giving them time and space to grow.

AppleTree Schools

Discover AppleTree Schools: Tuition-free education for 3-4 -year-olds. Unlock the magic of pre-k through safe, convenient learning spaces near you. Experience Every Child Ready's comprehensive curriculum. Locations throughout Washington, DC.