Feynman School

11810 Falls Rd.
Potomac, MD, United States
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Feynman School offers a challenging, supportive learning environment where bright, curious, creative children, surrounded by like minds, can explore their gifts and fulfill their potential.

Feynman School helps young gifted students achieve. We celebrate each student's intellectual curiosity and sense of self, promote inquisitive and creative thinking, and foster caring and concern for others. Here, children revel in learning and prepare for rich, fulfilling lives.

The benefits of a Feynman education include:

  • Extraordinary teachers who embrace talent development;
  • Authentic daily science labs and exploration
  • Accelerated, enriched math, reading and writing
  • Exemplary performing arts programs, including theatre classes with Imagination Stage faculty
  • Early, significant Spanish instruction
  • Fun, developmentally-appropriate physical education classes
  • Appropriate balance between structured and unstructured time
  • Abundant print-based and technology resources
  • After-school electives including basketball, chess, piano and robotics
  • Beautiful grounds and play equipment
  • Optimal class sizes

Recognizing that every child is unique, our goal is not to label children "gifted" or "not gifted." What are some characteristics to look for in your child that indicate Feynman School may be an ideal fit?

  • Superior problem solving/reasoning abilities
  • High degree of motivation to initiate learning (may ask lot's of "why?" questions)
  • Extensive vocabulary beyond grade level
  • Excellent memory
  • Long attention span when interested
  • Compassion for others beyond age norms
  • High degree of energy
  • Preference for older companions
  • Excellent sense of humor
  • Early or avid reading ability
  • Is perceived as mature for age

Contrary to myth, parents are generally accurate in assessing their children's intellectual abilities.