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Parents of Young Children
Cute Baby of the Month

Name: Grayson

Birthdate: April 16, 2017

Favorite pastime: He loves being wild outdoors and exploring and trying EVERYTHING! Don't even try to take his picture because he does not like it!

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Event Note

Check out Washington Parent's new CALENDAR on for Things to Do in the DMV

It is chock full of daily events, attractions, celebrations, family fun and more in the entire D.C. metro area.

Mommy Must Haves

Splash into Summer Adventure

Take kids on an adventure with water tables from Step2, a leading toy innovator and inspirer of young imaginations. Whether your little ones spend the day splashing on their own or having fun with family and friends, they will discover new and different play possibilities - tapping into their inventiveness and supporting their motor skills and sensory play. Whether it's the Tropical Rainforest Water Table, the Lazy Maze River Run Water Table or the Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table, all will set the stage to let each child explore playtime in his or her own special way.

Blast Off With Award-Winning STEM Toys

Stomp Rocket has a supreme lineup of planes and rockets for kids ages 3 and older. With Stomp Rocket, kids develop a deep understanding of STEM principles like gravity, motion, force and more - all while letting imagination fl y and burning off excess energy. These 100 percent kid-powered toys can be unwrapped and ready to launch in seconds. Stomp Rocket toys can be purchased online at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart, and at specialty toy retailers nationwide.

PBS KIDS Site Full of Summer Activities

The PBS KIDS for Parents site helps bridge the summer learning gap and encourage curiosity and exploration while school is out. It includes thousands of kid-friendly learning activities, such as:

  • Baking "Get Out the Mad" Cookies. In addition to honing your math skills, cooking and baking can also help with social emotional skills. This recipe helps children manage their feelings like anger and frustration by pounding the dough.
  • Playing a Scent Memory Game. Olfaction - our sense of smell - can help children make connections with their surroundings. Try this game and put your nose to the test!
  • Creating a Literacy Obstacle Course. Alphabetizing, rhyming, spelling and movement activities help kids strengthen one of their most important muscles, the brain.
In addition to hands-on activities, the website offers articles, tips and materials searchable by fan-favorite shows, topics and ages.