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Answer Calls Via Your Sunglasses

Leave the headphones at home -- there's a NEW way to talk on your smartphone handsfree. Lucyd Loud is an innovative Bluetooth frame that can be fitted with many different lens options -- sunglass, prescription and even blue-light-blocking. The Loud comes equipped with a microphone, speakers and trackpad, allowing users to answer/decline calls, listen to music and access voice assistants like Siri. Virtually try a pair on today at

Take Time for This Watch

New to the market, Diefendorff is an American watch company offering luxury timepieces inspired by history. The watches are born in Brooklyn, assembled in the U.S. and powered by a Swiss movement. Each piece features striking dials in colors, like federal blue and forest green, and beautiful leather straps are made with traditional vegetable dye instead of harsh chemicals.

Workout "Smart"-er and Harder!

No space for your weights? No time for a full body workout? For every excuse there is a solution with Tonal -- the sleekly designed, at-home workout machine that combines cutting-edge tech with personalized, expert-led fitness programs. It takes the guesswork out of your workout, making sure you're doing the right exercises with the right amount of weight to achieve your overarching goals on your own schedule. Learn more on

Get Into the Spirit

Check out this NEW Spinning Whiskey & Spirits Glass from The Grommet. The base of this glass is designed to spin in place without toppling users' drinks. The spinning action helps aerate whiskey, which opens flavor and aroma, creating an eye-catching effect with a purpose. Available at

Must Read: "Be Brave, Be Brave, Be Brave: A True Story of Fatherhood and Native American Heritage"

Based on the true story of the birth of his son, "Be Brave, Be Brave, Be Brave" recalls the thoughts of author F. Anthony Falcon upon holding his child after the baby and his wife endured a life- threatening labor during Hurricane Harvey's landfall in Corpus Christi, Texas. A meditation on what it means to "be brave," this is the tale of little Lakota's perilous arrival into the world, of Falcon's struggle to reconnect with a heritage that was lost to him and a father's attempt to describe what it means to be a Native American man in America today.