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Stop Loafing Around and Try This New Kitchen Innovation

Fresh baked bread can be quick and mess-free with the Lékué Bread Maker. Its shape helps steam and hot air to circulate, preventing the bread from drying out and giving the crust a golden outside. Plus, it can even be used in the microwave for extra quick baking. $20 maker

Art for Your Little Ones With the Look and Feel of Original Watercolors

Explore the many colorful collections of children's wall art at Little Splashes of Color. Gritty trucks, delicate unicorns, farm tractors, animals and lots more nursery decor was created with parents and kids in mind. You'll love the quality of the fine art prints and your children will be delighted to display their favorite art in their room.

Safety Chimes for Unsafe Times

Whystle is an app that provides you with safety information and product recall notices that affect you and your family. By personalizing safety information, Whystle will help warn you when the products you purchase are recalled or flagged as dangerous. Developed by Lauren Bell, a local Arlington mom, this app keeps you and your loved ones safe from potentially harmful (or even deadly) food, toys and consumer products.

Light Up Every Step You Take With These Safety Lights

Stay safe with these Light Up Heels. Simply wrap PowerSpurz around the heel of your sneaker or bicep to increase your visibility. The ultra-bright, rechargeable LEDs last for hours, and you can set them to glow continuously or flash. Each light is weatherproof, so you'll have an extra measure of safety in all types of weather conditions. The Grommet also has Light Up Collars and Light Up Retractable Leashes for your pets.

MUST READ: She Did It! 21 Women Who Changed the Way We Think

Meet the bold women who dared to make a difference. This remarkable collection is important as women and girls make fresh demands for equality. "She Did It!" thrillingly recounts the lives of 20th-century women who changed the course of society when most were still being told their place was in the home. Jane Addams, Barbara Gittings, Dolores Huerta, Shirley Chisholm, Rachel Carson, Grace Hopper and the other women featured in this book are models for all of us.