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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Audiobooks 1 & 2

Read by a Fierce Female Cast These two audiobooks are read by a star- studded female cast including Alicia Keys, Ashley Judd, Danai Gurira, Esperanza Spalding, Phillipa Soo and Rowan Blanchard. "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" contains short biographies written in the style of a fairy tale and highlights painters, scientists, dancers, chefs, astronauts, jazz singers, pharaohs, boxers, writers and political leaders from every corner of the globe. The book will inspire young girls (and their mothers, their aunts, their cousins ...) to be confident, to dream big and to cultivate their strength. Available wherever audiobooks are sold.

— Jenny L. Heinbaugh

Book Reviews

Celebrate Women's History Month With Books

By Mary Quattlebaum


Malala Yousafzai: Warrior with Words

At the age of 17, Malala Yousafzai became the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize. In this compelling biography, with vibrant collage art by Susan Roth, local author Karen Leggett Abouraya describes Malala's growth from an eager student in Pakistan to a strong voice for education when schools for girls are closed by the Taliban. A near-fatal attack meant to silence her and intimidate others does not stop Malala. Even as she recovers, Malala journeys to New York in 2013 and addresses the United Nations, calling for schooling and peace for children worldwide. Now in college at the University of Oxford in England, Malala continues to travel, asking others to "pick up their pens and books" and "change the world" through the power of peaceful words.


Her Fearless Run: Katherine Switzer's Historic Boston Marathon

Katherine loved to run, but in the late 1950's when she was a kid, girls were considered "too weak, too fragile, for sports." That didn't stop Katherine! She practiced with the men's track team in college, but wasn't allowed to compete. When she heard about the Boston Marathon, she decided to train for this grueling 26-mile race, open only to men. This fascinating biography captures Katherine's determination as she runs and completes this marathon in 1967 - an important step in helping to shift the public's perception of girls and women in competitive sports.


Lights! Camera! Alice!

This lively biography captures the innovative, resilient spirit of Alice Guy-Blanche, a pioneer in filmmaking. Many historians consider Alice the first person to tell stories through "moving pictures," complete with actors, props and costumes. Alice honed her skills first in her native France and then in the United States when she moved to New York in 1907. Mara Rockliff chronicles Alice's life from a childhood rich with story to work in a camera company to her early popular films. Though Alice (and many women directors and scriptwriters) were later marginalized by the Hollywood film industry, there is now wide posthumous recognition of her brilliance.


Grandma Gatewood Hikes the Appalachian Train

At the age of 67 in 1955, Emma “Grandma” Gatewood became the first woman to hike the 2,190-mile Appalachian trail alone, through 14 states, from Georgia to Maine. Emma’s adventures – from scaring a bear to braving a hurricane to dining on wild berries as she walks – are brought to vivid life through the dynamic text and beautiful watercolor renderings of the trail’s flora and fauna.

Mary Quattlebaum is the author of 27 award-winning children’s books, most recently "Brother, Sister, Me and You," a National Geographic picture book about animal siblings. Mary is a popular school and conference